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Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer is here!

I didn't write anything in my blog since I am concentrating on... my pregnancy. I didn't take much photos like last time, but still thanks to the good handphone which I have now that I can take down some memorable photos.

The weather now is so hot... but the sky is blue and the trees are green. I like it very  much.

Share with you some photos
and hope you enjoy the weather change too...
Let's go out to enjoy the sunshine (not sun burnt instead).

27th Apr 2010
Look up to the sky and I saw this wonderful tree!

27th May 2010
The clearest sky we had in May after cloudy days

1st June 2010
Hot summer arrives on the first day of June

Summer = sun!
sun = shadow!

Look down on the floor also brings amazing view!
The shadows of the trees and leaves
I even found one love-shaped shadow when I walked from my house to welfare center.

Last but not the least, green is the main color of summer!
I like green!

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