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Friday, October 16, 2009

Prepare for autumn beauty?

This year autumn arrives a little bit late. I started to see the colors of trees change to red-yellow-brown-green and it brightens up our class in a day.

I always  pick up the leaves from the floor to collect them. Before the real autumn leaves come, let's have a look at some of the photos I took these 2 weeks. You will be excited as I am!

white flower
white - found in school

purple + green leaves
purple + green - found in front of apartment

yellow - found in front of apartment

mini flower
orange + yellow - found in a prayer mountain

autumn leaves on  the hill
mini autumn leaves - found on a small hill

autumn leaf on the floor
red leaves - found on the floor when taking a walk in Grand Children Park

They are the signs of the pretty autumn leaves. Look around you and you will find all these too. Stop for a whlie and enjoy the beauty of them! They breath like us but they shine so bright for even a short time! Why don't we also shine like them?

Last but not the least, bees like flowers.

ChuSeok - Mid autumn festival

3rd Oct this year - also is the 15th of 8th month of lunar year - is 추석 chu seok, an important festival for Koreans, and Chinese too. Korea has 3 days holidays for this festival every year, similar to 설날 New Year.

Since this year it fell on Saturday, in order to escape from the traffic jam on the highways, we did not go back to my husband's hometown - Pohang to celebrate the festival with my parents-in-law. We feel sorry that we could not go home to visit them and spend time with them. Yet, my mother-in-law did not forget us and sent a lot of food to us.

We went to Traditional Folk Museum and Gwanghwamun Plaza on the day of ChuSeok this year. I will blog it later. On Sunday, we celebrated together with our church family. For those  who celebrated at home, they brought food from home and shared together.

I was so excited to see the festival food though I don't really like fried food.

The food had already been fried the day before - 전 fried.

The Koreans had fried pancake , fried mushroom, fried minced pork meat, fried fish, fried octopus, fried crab meat with ham, and etc. All things are fried!

So how to reheat the food? Do not add any oil in the fry pan again. Just put it on the fry pan and reheat it! Otherwise it will be fried in double oil.

Another food should be eaten in this  festival is 송편 SongPyeon, a kind of rice cake. I didn't take any photos for that, but I took this - a kind of snacks made from rice. My mother-in-law can make this herself.

Food is important in the festival. Chinese eats moon cake, and I miss the mooncake this year.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Had surgery

Last Monday my husband had surgery at Seoul Asan Medical Center (AMC). It was not a major surgery so we only have to stay at hospital for 1 night. The patient need to be accompanied by a guardian, and surely I'm the closest to my husband.

He had Chr Tonsillitis surgery because he always coughed and took a long time to recover from it. So he consulted the doctor and carried out the surgery.

This is my card while waiting for him to have the surgery. The operation should be started from 1pm but it was delayed until 1.47pm. (Why do I know the exact time? - It is because they sent sms (text message) to both my husband and my handphones to announce it). I waited at 3rd floor, the surgery waiting place.

The process was like that:
1) The patient need to consult doctor that he wants to have surgery.
2) He/she need do check up (make appointment before hand) in the hospital. (It is costly)
3) Consult the doctor again and having discussion if the surgery is fine to be taken out.
4) If yes, make the appointment for the surgery.
5) At the surgery date, come before the time and register yourself at the exact surgery room. Like ours, we went to the department of nose and ear.
6) After that, while waiting, go back to 1st floor and fill in the form of hospitalization (if you have to stay overnight), and sign as required (both the patient and the guardian).
7) Go back to the exact department surgery room (like AMC - it has 3 buildings and all departments are located  at different building - know the exact location and save your time).
8) The patient need to wear the patient uniform and naked inside. Pass  the clothes to your guardian (the hospital does supply a bag for you) if you have to stay overnight, if not, just put in the locker in the changing room.
9) The guardian can go to the room they assigned to wait the patient to be sent to the room.
10) Stay overnight and obey the rule of the hospital. The nurse in-charge will request the guardian come over to her computer. She then asked you about the medical and family history of the patient, and then she will explain the rules of the hospitalization and pass you the booklet with the map of the hospital too.
Remarks: everything was explained in Korean.
11) The doctor will come over and check with the patient again.
12) Before dehospitalized, pay the money at 1st floor again and they will pass you the medicine (if available) when you back to your room. Just check out everything you bring in and say bye to the hospital.

AMC is a big hospital. As you can see from the photo 1 above, car parks are full of cars, and there are underground car park somemore. This is the hospital which most celebrities have funeral ceremony too.

We have our friend works at this hospital, at the International clinic, whom I got help from her a lot. The foreigners have to make appointment first if they want to visit this International clinic.

The layout of the hospital is well-designed  and used all. It is because it is located at Seoul, and space is limited. It is also clean and systematic too. Basement 1st floor is the food court and food restaurants. Because my friend treated me in the staff restaurant, I saved a lot of money on food. I met with lots of doctors and nurses too (they're not as attractive as shown in the tv dramas lol).

I was surprised that even this hospital has a department store branch (Hyundai D.S.) at first floor - it seems like a mini town more than a hospital. They are also gardens (as shown in the photo 2 above) and a sky lounge at the highest floor. :O

Let's talk about the room, we're blessed  because we stayed at 6-ppl room, which only costs about 10,000 won per night. If not, we have to stay at 2-ppl room which costs about 170,000. Can you imagine the price difference? The range is so high that we prayed so hard for the available space. Mostly the elders stay at the 6-ppl room because they have to stay for a period of time. The range is high because of one is covered by the insurance and another is not.

Yu Jin stayed at bed no.2 at room 10633 - tenth floor.

It is quite a big space (at least bigger than the hospital at my hometown, KK). Can you spot the mini bed (grey) under the patient bed? It is my bed (the bed for guardian). So the guardian must bring their own blanket and pillow. Oh yes! There are some things that you should bring yourself: towel, tooth brush, tooth paste, tissue, food, clothes and sleeping necessities. We brought sleeping bag indeed.

Because of H1N1 swine flu, there is a hand washing sanitary at every bed and entrance of the door. Use it well.

This is the portable table of the nurse! High-tech and smart! All the things can be moved easily and so convenient.

Yu Jin had to fast for the first night. Since he had to eat everything cold for 1 whole week, I'm not sure what to cook for him. But after I saw the breakfast prepared  by the hospital, I got some ideas - cold porridge, cold radish soup and bean sprout soup, cold tofu and vege.

Yu Jin had already had the cold porridge for 1 whole week, and he easily gets hungry. I hope he can recover as soon as possible and I can cook delicious food for him.

I feel warm to see the elders lied down on the beds and their wives accompanied them. But it is so sad that they can't sleep well for the whole night because 2 of them kept coughing for the whole night. I remembered  my grandparents when they were hospitalized last time. They suffered so much. I hope the elder people in this room can go home as soon as possible.

Photo of the day:

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cosmos flowers

Cosmos flowers are the symbol of autumn in Korea. You sure should not miss this  flowers!
We went to Guri Han River Park on last Saturday, thanks God the flowers still bloom out so beatifully, and there were a lot of photographers around. I hope I can have the same camera like theirs. I know the limitation of my camera but still I am satisfied that I can enjoy the beautiful scenery there, with my beloved hubby and friends.

cosmos flowers
This is the photo I like the most. See the pink and white flowers?

Or may be this one?
This year we can't go inside the flowers to take photos.

Anyway, the lines just can't stop the flowers coming  out to let us take closer photos for them. They're shining as usual! Every year they are new to me!

Don't forget to take photos with your friends!

Yet, not only the cosmos flowers bloom out after hot summer. Other flowers also welcome this autumn together!
These orange flowers

Sunflowers too!

Animals also join the singing and dancing of the autumn cooling weather!

lizard too!

korean kids
Even the kids come out from the 4-wall kindergarten studying rooms to the park to get sun shine and enjoy the autumn - sadly with mask this year. Be healthy, kids! (Yet after this trip, I have running nose!)

Bibimbap - must try Korean food

When my friend and her husband visited Korea last month, she asked me what food that she must take. I say, Bibimbap - Korean mix rice! You just can't reject this food after you try it, believe me!
This is also the  food mostly that can be seen in  the Korean drama or movie.

We went to this restaurant before we shopped at Namdaemun market. It is just next to the subway station.

Shinsaegae Department Store (main branch - myeongdong)
10th floor
Restaurant: 산민들레 San-mindelle

Jeonju style traditional rice topped with wild vegetables and meat 전주전통비빔밥
9,000 won

Rice topped with vegetables, cheese and grilled beef, served with hot stove pot 치즈불고기돌솥비빔밥
9,500 won

There are other menus like the
rice served with hot stove pot like above, without cheese; 8,500 won
rice topped with octopus; 9,500 won
with kimchi and fish roe; 9.500 won
and etc.

Having Korean food is an enjoyable thing. It is because they don't only serve the food you order, but they serve you with other side dishes which will also make you so full!

2 kinds of soups: spring sprout soup and seaweed soup. Both is too cool down the heat of our body.

no miss kimchi

a kind of raw seafood, and peanut

You see, whole table is full of food! - Not only  the side dishes I had taken photos one by one, but also the 전 fried vegetables, bulgogi - korean style fried meat, and a bowl of jelly soup 무.

As a whole, this restaurant serves nice food.
If you want to have bibimbap, you can try it at anywhere. Just the matter is - even you can eat at the restaurant serves kimbap and normal Korean dishes. They are not as  professional as the restaurants which serve only bibimbap. If you really  want to try the delicious bibimbap, go for the restaurant which only serves bibimbap. It is served in more traditional way.

Caring Koreans

I didn't go to the Children Grand Park recently. It has been renovated for a better place to the visitors and people who do exercise there. Since it is autumn now, I went to the park again on Tuesday! I always wanted to go there but the time constraint - rushed to school or part time teaching. I hope I will go there more often, especially I will go there to take autumn leaves photos again!

This time I found out something that shows Koreans are caring people.

First, see what they sell here: walking puppies and ducklings. Lots of kids in the metropolitan city cannot have pets at home. Even they have to come  to the park to see animals like puppies, cats and others. Thus, they make this so that the kids can have "pets" to accompany them in the park!
It is not a bad  idea, right? I think the kids will like it because they can walk with wheels (though not with their foot).

Another thing is they replaced the parking lots just nearby the Guui entrance with pink and ladies' signs: parking for ladies. Not only they provide the parkings for the handicapped drivers, but also for the ladies drivers. It seems like a good sign for the ladies, and also it signifies that the Korean ladies' drivers still have "not-sense" enough to drive safely. :O
It is good for ladies because most  of the time they bring the kids out but not the fathers. They can get in and out of the car more conveniently as the parkings are nearer to the entrance of the park.

What things make you think of the caring Koreans?

Rotiboy bun

In Korea, US people go for burger when they miss home, burger King but not Lotte Ria. Italians go for original pizza and spaghetti but not Pizza Hut. Chinese go for dim sum and original Chinese food but not JaJang noodle or jangbong. We Malaysians go for Satay but not dakgolchi. :o

I can't find satay here so I choose Rotiboy bun to eat whenever I miss home.

As its slogan said, One is never enough. I think I'm addicted.

I had this buttermilk boy and sweet chocoholic as my national day celebration (31st Aug 2009). Malaysia! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! erm... should not be food but wearing a baju kurung?

Later, before my birthday, I went with my friend again for having kaya bun this time!!! Ok... you know, we never take one only. We had 3! Kaya bun, buttermilk bun and choco bun! Finally I got to taste the choco bun. It was always not yet being ready when I wanted to order it.

Did you see the hot fluid inside! It is so delicious! The choco bun doesn't taste much different from the original bun.

What we discovered this time was the drink:

This green tea brown rice (cold) taste so good! It is such a cooling drink!

While my friend is pregnant, she took hot chocolate. Erm... topping is too beautiful to be touched!

This Rotiboy Korea branch is located at Gwangjin area.
Address: 서울특별시 광진구 자양동 779-12
Tel: (02) 2253-5860
Open hour: 8am - 11pm
Get off from Guui subway station (line 2) exit 1, walk to the Gwangjin District Office about 200m, just next to it.

Buns price range - 1,800 won to 2,000 won.
It is expensive compared to normal buns sold at other bakery. Yet it is sure more delicious than the mocha buns sold at normal bakery shop at Korea.
Try the rotiboy first before you want to eat the other flavours. If you like coconut, try kaya bun.
Their drink is not bad too. I also found out that they sell ice cream in the shop too.

Spaghetti, Pizza and a cup of tea

I wanted to eat pizza that has the original flavor as the Italian pizza, despite of Pizza Hut, Mr Pizza and other pizza shops. So I asked my Korean friends to introduce restaurants to have pizza. They told me that it is only available in Italian spaghetti and pizza restaurant.

There is one near to our church, Pomodoro Spaghetti branch at KonKuk Uni Star City (B1). So we went there for our Sunday dinner, also as  my treat to them for my birthday.

We ordered garlic bread as the starter. After searching online, next time I should try their salad too.

Oopss... sorry, clean your hands first before taking any food. Not only because of preventing  flu, but also it is a hygienic behavior. I like their love mini bowl.

We ordered seafood pizza! Amazing delicious! They are very kind to serve with lots of seafood.

The main: the most basic pizza we had - margherita pizza! (Pizza made up of tomota, basil and mozzarella cheese) Thin bread, cheesy pizza.

This dinner doesn't cost us too much - 26,000 won. It is still in my budget and more importantly, we enjoyed the dinner together.

This is the photo I found online - the Pomodoro restaurant! (How can I miss out taking photo here?... coz too hungry and wanted to get in faster)

After the dinner, we went to another coffee shop, the same floor as Pomodoro. It is Star Kitchen, with wide spaces and lots of tables. This restaurant serves coffee and also some food too. My friends had Americano and I had Mocha. Nice design, and good space to have a tea and talk for a  long time :P

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