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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Spaghetti, Pizza and a cup of tea

I wanted to eat pizza that has the original flavor as the Italian pizza, despite of Pizza Hut, Mr Pizza and other pizza shops. So I asked my Korean friends to introduce restaurants to have pizza. They told me that it is only available in Italian spaghetti and pizza restaurant.

There is one near to our church, Pomodoro Spaghetti branch at KonKuk Uni Star City (B1). So we went there for our Sunday dinner, also as  my treat to them for my birthday.

We ordered garlic bread as the starter. After searching online, next time I should try their salad too.

Oopss... sorry, clean your hands first before taking any food. Not only because of preventing  flu, but also it is a hygienic behavior. I like their love mini bowl.

We ordered seafood pizza! Amazing delicious! They are very kind to serve with lots of seafood.

The main: the most basic pizza we had - margherita pizza! (Pizza made up of tomota, basil and mozzarella cheese) Thin bread, cheesy pizza.

This dinner doesn't cost us too much - 26,000 won. It is still in my budget and more importantly, we enjoyed the dinner together.

This is the photo I found online - the Pomodoro restaurant! (How can I miss out taking photo here?... coz too hungry and wanted to get in faster)

After the dinner, we went to another coffee shop, the same floor as Pomodoro. It is Star Kitchen, with wide spaces and lots of tables. This restaurant serves coffee and also some food too. My friends had Americano and I had Mocha. Nice design, and good space to have a tea and talk for a  long time :P


tsueyhwa said...

I oso like to eat original Italian pizza, those thin type which bake in traditional pizza oven. It gives more flavour to d pizza. Yummy!!

meimeijoyful said...

yaya!!! yummy!
I think KK has at least one Italian restaurant.

tsueyhwa said...

There r few Italian restaurants in KK. So far i know "Little Italy" (d best in my list), Katak oso got open one at Water Front, n there is one more i know is "Fratini's" in Warisan Square. Fratini's is opened by a Bruneian (heard tat macam got royal background). They serve good spaghetti n pizza but a bit costly. There r few branches in Brunei n even Miri oso got 1 branch. I hav ever tried in both places. Brunei's taste better n MIri only so so. KK's one i dunno becoz i havn't tried it yet. :p

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