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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rotiboy bun

In Korea, US people go for burger when they miss home, burger King but not Lotte Ria. Italians go for original pizza and spaghetti but not Pizza Hut. Chinese go for dim sum and original Chinese food but not JaJang noodle or jangbong. We Malaysians go for Satay but not dakgolchi. :o

I can't find satay here so I choose Rotiboy bun to eat whenever I miss home.

As its slogan said, One is never enough. I think I'm addicted.

I had this buttermilk boy and sweet chocoholic as my national day celebration (31st Aug 2009). Malaysia! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! erm... should not be food but wearing a baju kurung?

Later, before my birthday, I went with my friend again for having kaya bun this time!!! Ok... you know, we never take one only. We had 3! Kaya bun, buttermilk bun and choco bun! Finally I got to taste the choco bun. It was always not yet being ready when I wanted to order it.

Did you see the hot fluid inside! It is so delicious! The choco bun doesn't taste much different from the original bun.

What we discovered this time was the drink:

This green tea brown rice (cold) taste so good! It is such a cooling drink!

While my friend is pregnant, she took hot chocolate. Erm... topping is too beautiful to be touched!

This Rotiboy Korea branch is located at Gwangjin area.
Address: 서울특별시 광진구 자양동 779-12
Tel: (02) 2253-5860
Open hour: 8am - 11pm
Get off from Guui subway station (line 2) exit 1, walk to the Gwangjin District Office about 200m, just next to it.

Buns price range - 1,800 won to 2,000 won.
It is expensive compared to normal buns sold at other bakery. Yet it is sure more delicious than the mocha buns sold at normal bakery shop at Korea.
Try the rotiboy first before you want to eat the other flavours. If you like coconut, try kaya bun.
Their drink is not bad too. I also found out that they sell ice cream in the shop too.


tsueyhwa said...

At first i thought the greenish drink is cendol. Haha!! If u wanted to eat satay, u can make by urself too. I think bbq at home in korea is quite familiar. ONly thing is hav to search a good recipe n all ingredients can be found in Korea..

meimeijoyful said...

ya, may be I should try to look for the ingredients... but, I'm lazy. :P
cendol, I miss it.

Anonymous said...

in case if you wanna eat satay or fresh durian, go to Ansan..

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