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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter is long...

Snow arrived since Christmas - a thick one...
then it continued with the new year...

roads were covered by snow, and still the snow are gathered around the poles or corner;
cars were covered by snow, and still some people do not clean the snow on their car;
windows were frozen with ice, and is getting thicket and thicker;
temperature is always below zero, and is always "tomorrow will be colder -15 or more" are heard;
Han river is frozen too, and the park around the river become white.

See this news:
Ways to overcome the severe cold spell
Electricity fee is a big amount in winter.

Do you have yourself protected from this winter?
2 gloves I have,
more than 3 scarfs I have (thick one),
good shoes (not easy to wet) I have,
long underwear I have to keep myself warm,
jackets I have - as thick as  possible,
hats too,
mask too,
a lovely husband who does not want me to go out when the temperature hit -10... if not all my winter will be only sickness,
yes, I still pack myself like a bear...

Just this year, I did not hibernate like a bear. :)
This winter I am better than the last 4 years, I think I have made myself stronger since spring with lots of sports and exercise.

(First 3 photos were taken by hp and the last by Samsung camera)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dumulmori in Autumn (Nov 09) - 2

In this part 2, I just want to add in more photos - only the view walking along the riverside.
The above photo is the new corner that I just discovered - and it was nice!

I would like to keep the below as my bookmark.

The bridge from the tunnel (Namyangju to Yangpyeong) just crossover this place.

I wanted to make these all in one photo... but I'm lazy  to find the software. 

After cross the bridge , another big garden is there.

And more to more - near to the center of Yangsuri and there are restaurants!

Hope you like  this place too.

Dumulmori in Autumn (Nov 09) - 1

We went to this place in Aug (post is here).
In autumn it has another face of views - a lot of people like to have a walk here - a calm and quiet place (though the bridge is just cross over the river. So I asked my hubby to bring me there again in November. The weather was nice indeed.

However, we could not see any lotus flowers.  It is not  the season.

Walk until the end and you will see this very old tree, strong standing in the land.

Not only couples like to date here, but also it is a place for family, and friends. I love the business of parents taking photo for their children but they are too active.

Anyway, I was satisfied with the good  weather and beautiful scenery.

If only I can have a better camera, I think you can feel more realistic about the place.

This time, we discovered a gallery which we didn't enter before. A painter was having her painting exhibition in the small house near to the river.

Just enter the gallery when you  see the signboard below. 수밀원(Su-mil-won)

Because it is the season of pumpkin,  they arrange some big pumpkins outside the little house.

With some wood too...
Korea doesn't have much big trees.

Inside the gallery,

The paintings are hung all over the house, slowly walk around as it  is really 'small'! However, they are nice!
There are mini cafe inside too.

We met the painter herself - she was busy painting.

Erm... do not forget to look for the beautiful autumn leaves on the floor! It's  very nice!!!

And also do not forget to take a photo with the pumpkin! (I like it)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Car broke down? Tyre puncture?

When your car broke down, or tyre had a puncture, or had a flat tire, what do you do?

In Malaysia, we will only think of fixing ourselves, or call my father or the related workshop to fix it for us.

However, the car insurance service in Korea  is really amazing!
We called the hotline number, givng our basic information according to our insurance by using cell phone.
Then they will track us through  the cell phone,
reach us within 10-15 minutes!

When we called, we already informed them we had tyre punctured.
They came with a big truck with everything available in the truck.
Just within 15-20 minutes, the helpful service man helped us to fix the tyre back!

Wow!!! Fast service - efficiency of Koreans.
How about your place?

mini snails

All the characters in the previous mini story are mini snails collection from a children soda drink.

These are the latest versions, but I still remember there was another designs.
I saw these cute snail characters in my students' house so I took photos.

He is the most basic - brown snail.

He is the Elvis Presley hairsyle and black snail.

He is the one who wears  spectacles.

They are the moustacje ajussi!

Here come the sexy smoky eye lady.

And the last the pink lady with hat.

All total 7 of them!

Also show you my handphone with case - with my own wallpaper.

Actually I just wanted to share with you the amazing drawing of my student - Da En who is only 7 years old drew such beautiful airplanes - after  just viewed the airplanes from the TV for once!

Another one is in the previous blog.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

mini photo story

Introducing you to two good friends who have known each other for a long time. They like to explore new things in their life. They like to search for those things people throw away and they recycle and reform them for their daily use.

One day, they want to go travel outside of their village (erm... they need a long time to go to a new village though).

Thus, they know their limitations and they just walk as much as they can. They do not overlook their goals but they do their best.

And Peter found someone special here - the cartoon character his sister likes the most - Helly Kitty! He wanted to take it home with him as a gift for his sister. 

And he  walked and walked, he found a thing that can make his dream come true! A pilot and her aeroplane!!! He knows she can bring them to go out of the village they stay and explore another world!

Then he found out that there were some new friends there too. Everybody seemed to have the same excitement as he was!

Wow!!! Beautiful and sexy ladies are there too!

James got shocked  by the beauty of the pink  lady and he forgot about Peter for a second (erm... may be a minute).

Thus, he asked the pink lady for a date.
(Peter: " ㅠㅠ Where is he going?")

.....  The End.

Did Peter and James accomplish their travel plan?
Did James manage to have a new girlfriend?

You may tell me which ending you like.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Beautiful views in the snow

Though it was a heavy snow... it was  nice to see.


View from the plants covered by snow

playground covered by snow

how thick? see the photo above!
didn't it look like cotton? or marshmallow?

green leaves stay strong in the snow

Natural Christmas tree with the kid

This is the one I like the most - Da In found her own way to play in the snow.
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