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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dumulmori 두물머리

After we had the duck meat at Doekso area, we went to Yangsuri, before YangPyeong to have a walk at Dumulmori. It is a very nice place to jog and walk. It is an area separated from city with the mountains - just cross over the tunnels at Paldang.
Venue: 경기도 양평군 양서면 양수리, 관광안내 031-770-2068
How to get there?
강변북로 양평방면 → 6번 국도 → 양수대교 → 양수 사거리 우회전 → 두물머리
Gangbyeon road to YangPyeong, Gyeonggi do.
Road number 6.
Pass the Yangsu bridge, and turn to Yangsuri.
You will see the sign of Dumulmori and turn in and you will see a parking area. Park your car there and walk about 1 km to the river area.
It was not the first time we visit this place, but this summer we found a camping car park there. I think it is a good place to camp here - with clean air, beautiful scenery and flowers too!

Actually this place is full of lotus flowers. If you come in the flower season, you can see beautiful lotus everywhere!

See the tall trees? You will walk cross these trees for about 1km. We even smell the leaves!
You also can see the beautiful river.

Ducks are around too.
When you walk until the end of Dumulmori, you can see the one-line separation of sky and water. This time we didn't have a chance to see the sunset, but I still remember I had taken photos of sunset here. It's really beautiful here!

This is the new renovation here - three resting places to taste lotus patbingsu, lotus ice-cream and etc.

This boat actually was put in the river, but these days it is just shown on ground.

Anyway, there are some colorful flowers in this July:


tsueyhwa said...

Pics r very nice!!

meimeijoyful said...

thanks, indeed the place is very beautiful!!!

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