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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer activity for kids (at home)

Because of kindergarten's summer vacation, I had a chance to babysit two kids of my church family. I stayed with them for 7 months when I first arrived at Korea. Thus, I know them very well and I grow up with them too. This year I only took care of them two days and since the weather was very hot outside, I had to think of some indoor activities to make sure these 2 kids could stay in the house.

Other than toys, books and food, we went outside for the first day for bicycle time - since the weather was not so hot. They enjoyed the time.

For the second day, the sun was so bright that I did not dare to go out. Thus, when we read the book, we found a good activity that is very educated and exciting too!
Use the food we eat!
First, use the skin of grapes!
Korean grape is available in the market in summer.
After eating the grapes, do not throw away the skin straightaway but use it as a natural colors for drawing.
Process - collect the skins (just a bunch of grapes is enough), punch it with rolling pin (rod type), and then the the juice with come out from the skin - purplish! Then, separate the juice and the skin with a chinoise (sometimes chinois), add very little of water if you think the color is too thick. Lastly put the color in a bowl (separate to two if you have two kids) that they can color by themselves.
Paint like a color painter.
Since I could not find a paint brush in the house, we used the drinking straw to paint. By using the straw, the kids blew the color out too. Since it is directly made from the food, it is safe to play around with the colors.
Prepare the blank sketching paper on the floor or table first, ask the kids to use their creativity to paint it.

Let's see how the kids' paint? Doesn't it look nice?
Children are always very creative!
They still do not find enough to play with the colors!
Play with the painting colors then! Don't use the paintbrush this time - use the food!
I found 3 foods we can use in the house - potato, corn and pepper.
Prepare the colors on a place that they can stamp the food on.

Don't you also attracted by their artwork?
Hope you also will enjoy this with your kids too! Or have some fun time with other kids like me.

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