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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jeju Trip (2) - souvenirs, Jeju airport

Jeju Air, similar with other cost-saving airline, has the ticketless system. So, just show your ID when you check in. They will provide you the boarding ticket which is orange color. :)
I love their passion to the customers. The stewardess did their best to serve! Bravo! Although just a short period of 1 hour, they provide Jeju tangerine juice and water. They are willing to give the kids on board the best time ever!
What to buy as souvenirs at Jeju Island?
All about tangerine.
Tangerine and Tangerine Chocolate are the most famous souvenirs. There are shops at airport which sell tangerine like below. But they sell more expensive than outside at the island. So try to get a cheaper price when you travel around.
For chocolates, there are commonly 4 types of taste provided: mandarin / tangerine chocolate 감귤 초콜릿, jeju cactus 백년초, pineapple 파인애플 and jeju green tea 녹차.
I still remember the price sold at airport: (for chocolate)
15 pieces 5,000 won
30 pieces 10,000 won
45 pieces 15,000 won
4-in-1 small size 10,000 won
So if you can get the price cheaper than this when you travel, buy it. If not, you have to pay more in the airport. If you go to Jeju by ferry, get them at the ferry terminal. You can get 10,000 won for 3 (15 pieces)!
Try this: big tangerine - They are in higher quality and taste better, price is so much more expensive.
Tangerine season: winter.
Do not miss these:
1) 돌하르방 Grandpa stone-related souvenirs - either take photos with them (anywhere in the island) or buy a small keychain
2) 해녀 woman diver - try to look for them. Even visit their restaurants is a good way to explore about their lives.

Try to visit Jeju airport as there is a photo exhibition - history of Jeju island.

When we took the taxi to the airport, the taxi driver told us that it takes at least 3 days to travel around all the tourist places of the island, not all of them can be covered but only some. Jeju island is developed very quickly into a tourism spot - that there are a lot of museums and national parks. Yet it takes us 1 hour plus to travel from the east to the west. Thus, time arrangement is very important if you want to cover the tourist places in just a few days - choose those you really want to visit.
You can travel around by:
  • bicycle (popular way for youth)
  • motorbike (not as tiring as bicycle)
  • rent car (if only 8-10 of you travel together, they provide GPS navigation system)
  • taxi (not cheap but convenient)
  • tour package (for honeymoon is the best)
  • drive your own car from Seoul (set your own schedule)
Tips: Get the taxi to airport - try to search for nearest taxi terminal which has calling service - save about 2000 won and also can reach airport on time.


tsueyhwa said...

Wow, Jeju Air really provides good service. Other than magic performance, photo taking session, they oso provide juices n water!! Airasia where got??

meimeijoyful said...

harap 1 day AirAsia will change their service to better instead of charge so high for the food inside the plane!

tsueyhwa said...

hmm..mb ask Tony Fernandez to take over MAS is faster..haha

meimeijoyful said...

oh!!! may be!

Stephanie Leong said...

Hi! The grandpa stone souvenirs can only be found in Jeju? Or does Seoul has places that sell them too?

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