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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Street of Seoul and my neighbourhood

I like to walk down the street in Seoul if there is a chance not to take the bus, but to walk about 5-15 minutes. In this short period of time, you can see a lot of things and want to see the view again and again.
Look up!
Then you can see this big and greenish leaves all over the street!
They're really grand trees and grand leaves that provide us cooling air.

Peoples' favourites!
They give us sunny day's signals and they provide us shiny moments too!
Not only sunflowers but the solar power!
Korea though does not see the sun everyday, especially in winter. They really support earth-friendly things like using solar power for lights in parks and on the roads too.

Cabbages rule!

Funny but it does really show that Koreans loke cabbages so much!

Kim Chi rules!

Drama / Movies time!

Korean movies and dramas are very famous! How about see the real taking one on the street? See one and get attached to it and you may see a superstar!


It is not difficult to see plants and beautiful flowers on the street of Seoul. You can see, smell and touch it, but please do not pick it - let the others enjoy the beauty of nature too! Yet... kids like to pick it for their own collections! :)

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