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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

13th Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival

2009. 07. 22 - 07. 26
Venue: Hall C & D, Coex
Open to public only from 24th (Fri) to 26th (Sun)

Organized by kocca, coex.
Supported by Ministry of culture, sports and tourism of Korea
Sponsored by Daum, Interpark, EBS, Nickelodeon, Champ, Tooniverse, Cartoon Networks, Character Dubai.
This year:
Exhibition Area for Companies - creative character from 168 domestic and foreign companies were displayed
Exhibition Area for Individual and Amateurs - for digging out hidden talent, this pavilion showed about 400 works of individual and amateurs.
Exhibition Area for Special Pavilion - Prize winning works in 2008 Korea Comic, Animation, Character Award, Game Award, etc.
Event zone - experience various culture contents through such exciting performances as character parade, character marketing stage.
Business center - Meeting space for business meeting
Cartoon Gallery (Recess Space) - decorated with Korean Comic

The overall map of the event - we didn't have time to finish viewing all the exhibitors' stalls.

We visited the Seoul Character & Licensing Fair 2009 on Friday afternoon. We got two free tickets online a few weeks before the exhibition. It was because we have been visiting this fair 2 years ago, since the first year we paid for it, the continuous years we got the chance to apply for free tickets - early birds get first. I think that's a good marketing skill of Koreans.

I like characters very much - they make all adults younger, and they make the children happy - thus it is such a good place to visit for the mums and kids! Just we got in, we met the still famous characters: Power Rangers. (ok... it's Japanese cartoon)

Anyway, there were a lot of big dolls around - photo zones that you could take photos as many as you want! I met the cute Poporo and wanted to share the free ice-cream with him. All stalls have their own attractions and also ways to attract visitors - this year we got free ice-cream! Yummy!

Do not be shy, and just walk around the fair and take photos with the big dolls! They are free to touch, free to hug and free to take photos with! Do not lose the chance.

Anyway, there are some unique characters :P

Like this: if you stay in Korea for long time, you may acknowledge who he is... Yes, he is Andre Kim. This year also got the hand made mini statues of South Korea Presidents and also North Korea one.
Walk to the special zone and get to see more - there is always special show at the stage that you can enjoy a lot and sometimes can get free gifts if you can answer some questions.

Most famous exhibitors (with the big stalls) will have special events - about 3- 5 times a day that anyone can join - either by quiz or games. Like Kambu this year, they ask the kids to play games - the winner will get a special prize. Also there are always lucky draw at the stalls that you just go back at the exact time, then you will get sth home. Like us, we got a Kambu doll free. But the first prize was a table set!

There is also free character drawing and photo shooting too. If you do not mind to queue up, it's a must try! Since we were short of time this year, we didn't get this.

Mums no worry - the exhibitors always welcome to children to get in their stalls playing around, reading books and drawing - whatever they provide they can join for free. It is very good for kids who are easy to get tired when they get to this type of fair. They will not get boring easily if they can play and eat!

This year special: Nickelodeon & MTV had a big exhibition that visitors can play around for games and win free games - they even provide free banana! Yummy! --- Yellow everywhere.

Also, since Korea is a high-tech country, you can test around by drawing on the drawing tablet for free. Play around and may be you or your kids will be addicted to it!

There are a lot of events at specific times too - sometimes you can meet the artist directly - but this year we missed a lot!

This year also have Asia special exhibition which I found Malaysia comic artist is here too! Congratulations!

This type of fair widens my view on the marketing styles and cultures of Koreans. I must say that they are willing to do anything to serve the customers well! They are very user-friendly! They give free stuffs a lot!

They are more willing to add in political and economic views this year! More international supporters are coming over - I hope one day - Mickey Mouse will be here too!

Actually there was also animation film showing at Lotte Cinema at Konkuk Uni at the same time but we did not have the time and money to watch them. I hope one day we will have a chance to see animation from different countries!

If you want to know more about this fait, you may contact this email: info@characterfair.kr


tsueyhwa said...

Wow! Tis fair really opens my eyes!! Thumbs up!!

meimeijoyful said...

going to fair really opens my eyes too! Last time I thought fair is only a marketing skill, but it is also a competition .

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