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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Duck meat at Onnuri, Namyangju

We like to visit this restaurant because it serves delicious duck meat. It is near to the Han river and thus the scenery is also an attraction.

They attract a lot of customers that in meal time and weekends, cars have to queue up about 200m away from the shop. Customers also have to take numbers for a seat in the restaurant. Sometimes customers have to wait about 30 minutes or more.
Tips: If you queue up in your car, ask your companion to get down first to take the number. Then you can have the meal faster.
Or you can visit the second branch (just next to the shop) - it serve the same food.

This is the garden just behind the restaurant. Don't you think it's a good place to walk around and have a cup of tea / coffee after the meal? Not only it is a resting place, the children also like to play around here.

Under the trees are wooden tables and chairs.
Let's look at the delicious food we had here!
The table has a place to put the coal.
Sauces are served on the table: Soy sauce and sweet chili paste for the meat. Garlic is also prepared too. You can either eat the garlic with the meat and vegetable (쌈) or bbq it with a provided steel foam holder. Add on the oil too. It will boil up the garlic and make it so delicious!
Pan chan - side dishes will be served first:
All are self-service for addition.
Firstly, kimchi (non-spicy)
2nd: marinated onion and pepper.

3rd: spicy radish
The main dish: duck meat!
We ordered 1 whole duck for 4 of us - but we could not finish it! You have to bbq it by yourself according to your own meal taking speed.
Have it with the vegetable, isn't it look yummy? Want to have a bite?
It costs 19,000 won for half of a whole duck.
You can also order rice when you have the meal. Anyway, they will serve noodle when you finish your meal. It is yummy too!

After you pay the bill, take a cup of coffee or tea, especially the walnut coffee. It smells good too! You also can have ice-cream for 1,000 won at the 2nd branch.

You may also walk to the Han river if the weather is nice. Since we had the meal about 5.30pm, it has a very good view.

Green grass and blue sky. + mountain too!

venue: 남양주시 와부읍 팔당리에서


tsueyhwa said...

Yum! Yum! I like to eat duck meat especially roasted duck. However, korean way of eating duck is very interesting!! It's very healthy becoz serving together wif fresh vege..

meimeijoyful said...

yaya, they serve the duck meat different from what we eat at kk, vege and side dishes are served and make us will not eat meat only.

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