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Monday, August 24, 2009

Jeju Trip (3) - place to stay

For the past 4 trips we had been staying at the same pension 민박집 - 바다하우스 ( Beach house)
Address: 제주특별자치도 제주시 애월읍 고내리 1176
Tel: 064-799-6192

This lodging house has 3 floors. First floor has 4 rooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen and 2 toilets/bathrooms. Second floor has 3 rooms w/ 2 toilets and 1 kitchen too. While the third floor has 2 big rooms and 1 small rooms w/ 3 toilets.

The rooms also have 1 bed and wardrobe. Besides, it also has the bed and blankets prepared in the house. Can you see, the Korean girls really like to help one another to be beautiful?

They also have a big wide garden that you have bbq time. The kids can play with the water freely in the garden too.

We have a good view of the sea everyday from the pension. Whenever we can feel the sea, smell the sea and hear the sea water.

Especially sunset time, I really amazed by the wonderful moment!

The most important thing is that the owner of the pension is very kind and friendly. Although they don't serve meals, they provide free water and tissues.
This place is near to 곽지해수욕장 Guakji beach that we can swim there. Anyway, we went to the bank to swim everyday.


tsueyhwa said...

Hi mei mei,

Hav ever learn photo taking?? Ur photos r really good!!

meimeijoyful said...

hi tsueyhwa, no, I haven't learnt before. will learn if I get a DSLR camera.
anyway, other than the first photo, others are taken by me.
Thanks for your compliments!

tsueyhwa said...

Wow, havn't learnt b4 oso can take such a good photo yea? Then u r very potential future photographer!! ^_^

meimeijoyful said...

过奖! still a long way to learn!
When we meet one day, sure will take photos for your handsome boy

tsueyhwa said...

I noted it down first. Dun 'fong fei gay' ar..haha

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