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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Spicy rice cake

떡볶이 (Ddokboggi)
is the most famous food of Korea - it's a kind of street food, also it is in the menu of kimbap restaurant, and it can be a specific food of a restaurant.

Let me bring you to a Spicy rice cake specialised restaurant.
Name: 모두랑 분식 (Modurang)
Location: Gwangjin area
the small road just opposite of Gwangjin Police station 구의1치안센터
next to a girl school 동국사대부속여고
Tel: 457-1178

How to get there? Take subway to Line 2 Guui station, take village bus at exit 1 and get down at the second station. You will see Standard Chartered Bank and Home Plus Express mart. Just turn to the road between them. Go straight and you will see 3 kinds of only spicy rice cake shops there, and this shop I went is the most delicious one.

There are a lot of customers and not very expensive because it is located near the middle school and high school. The shop is small and hot yet... it is worthy to try their spicy rice cake!

Anyway, you will see another kind of small restaurants like the photo below:

They serve street food types, with lots of fried sticks, and ddokboggi. The taste is flat but it is cheaper that you can eat with only 500 / 1000 won.

Not only school kids come here, but a lot of adults like to visit here too! It is always full that you need to wait sometimes. You will see the board has some photos that this shop was introduced on the tv (SBS and MBC) before for food series show.

How to order and how to eat this food?

You will see this order list on the table, choose the one you want to add in (numbers are amount):

  • 쌀속치즈떡볶이 Rice type cheese rice cake - 3,500 won
  • 치즈떡볶이 cheese rice cake - 2,500 won
  • 떡볶이 flour type rice cake 2,000 won
  • 쫄사리 zzhol - noodle (a type of korean noodle) - 500 won
  • 라사리 ramen (instant noodle type) - 500 won
  • 오텡사리 fish cake - 500 won
  • 야끼만두 fried dumplings - 300 won
  • 못난이 normal dumplings - 300 won
  • 계란 egg - 300 won
  • 김말이 spring roll with sea weed - 300 won
  • 공기밥 rice - 1,500 won
  • 사이다 대 big sprite - 1,000 won
  • 콜라 대 big cola - 1,000 won
  • 비냉 bibim noodle - 2,700 won
  • 물냉면 soup cold noodle - 2,700 won
  • 쭐면 zzul noodle - 2,700 won

For 2 person, normally we just choose the normal rice cake (if we're very hungry we will order quantity of 2, if not just order 1 - then can eat the rice later), add in 1 ramen, 2 eggs, 1 fish cake, 2 fried dumplings and 2 spring rolls.

The restaurant provides a red marker pen that you can write on it and when you're finished, place the order and they will provide the pot of food for you.

Water and tissue is served. If you're wearing a white shirt, please wear on the apron that is provided. The chili sauce will easily spread on our shirt when we are eating.

The only side dishes they provide are radish - yellow dried type and sliced radish. They are the best kim chi to eat with spicy food because they will reduce the spiciness.

There the food we ordered has come!!!
Turn on the gas stove which is fixed on the table (Korean special table) and boil it until....
like this!
Test the food if it is totally cooked especially the rice cake.
Red, red and red spicy Ddokboggi!!!
Turn the gas to low or turn it off if you cannot stand the heatness.
After you have finished the food, some sauce will be left. If you are not full yet, call the waiter or waitress to add in rice! Depend on how much you can take - normally we just order 1 person of rice.

He or she will bring the containers that full of kim, corn, cheese, chili sauce, and one thing more. Turn on the gas and fried it yourself.
If you don't like the cheese, you can ask them not to add in.

Fried it until the level you like to eat. Turn the gas off and enjoy the fried rice! Yummy!
This food at first was not my favourite food of Korea - because it is spicy and hot! But now, since I have adapted to the food here - ddokboggi becomes my most favourite food! I always search for it - some shops serve very spicy, and some shops serve flat taste one. I like this shop the most!

it doesn't stop here.

When you pay, they will give you a coupon card - that you can get free add in for your next visit. For the first prize, you can get free one cold noodle or zzul noodle.
For the second prize, you can get free rice.
For the 3rd prize, you can get dumplings or spring rolls or eggs for 2.
For the 4th prize, you can add in zzul noodle or ramen or fish cake for 1.
For the 5th prize, you can get the 3rd prize for only 1.

The card is like above - use the coin to get your lucky free food.
They also will provide free chewing gum to you when you finished your meal. This service is very good because normally the chili powder or something else will stick on your teeth after the meal. Even though you can't brush your teeth, you can at least get rid of the spicy smell of the food.

Anyway, hope you will enjoy spicy rice cake one day!


tsueyhwa said...

When i watch korean drama, i will alwaz see ppl eat tis spicy rice cake, n i wonder how does it taste since everyone very enjoy it. I would like to try it one day if i got d chance!!

meimeijoyful said...

ya, it doesn't taste good for the first time coz it's spicy, but after having it for a few times, I love it so much!

tsueyhwa said...

Ohh..Tat's fine for me..I luv spicy!! :)

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