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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jeju Trip 2009 (1) - by plane

If you ask me what is special of my trip to Jeju this year? I would say, thanks God that I can fly! For the last 3 years, I went to Jeju Island by car to Mokpo and took the ferry. It took us about 1 day, but by flight I can be there within 3 hours (include 1.5 hour taking subway to airport and 1 hour by air).
We chose Jeju Air as it is cheaper and also in the early July they had special promotion for the flights. I could say it is a good saving airlines because they are customer friendly.

From Seoul to Jeju, they give free plane balloons to the kids. The kids really love it and it brightens up the boring flight - you know, the kids can't sit on the seat for too long unless they fall asleep! But the kids know they're going to a beautiful island, they are excited! So Jeju Air really cares for their customers (though the plane is small). They also give free balloons (making balloon art like doggie, flowers) on the flight back from Jeju to Seoul. The kids do not want to fall asleep on the way back because the stewardess promised on the flight to Jeju.
In addition, they also have photo taking session, but you must use your own camera. They provide the pilot hats and cute hair bands.
It's not difficult to find Jeju Air counter at Gimpo airport because it's orange color. In case, it is at the furthest left hand side of the 3rd floor. Check in earlier and you can walk around the airport. They will close the counter 20 minutes before the flight, so do not be late. Though Gimpo airport is small, they're a lot of people here and there. Get in before a long queue.
A reminder: Jeju Air always has delayed flight, I never encounter before but my friends did. You can ask from compensation if the flight is delayed.
What I brought on plane with me: my hat and my Samsung camera.

Gimpo airport First time I was here. It's small but very convenient because I can go there by subway (line 5).

Another advantage the airport is in the middle of the city: You can see the city very clearly from above the plane! (I didn't have a clearer view like this before from Incheon airport)



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