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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jeju Trip - beach

Go to jeju island must go to the beach!
Since we stayed at 애월 aewol area, we went to the nearest beach - 곽지 해수욕장.
Address: 제주특별자치도 제주시 애월읍 곽지리
Visitor information 관광안내: 064-710-3222

Although the beach here does not have coconut trees like my hometown, Malaysia, it has its own uniqueness. You can view the clear blue sky widely!

You also can jump up and down to take such superactive photos too! Because the beach is so long and nobody will notice about what yo do!

The sand is very nice too! You can make sand man or sand mermaid easily - but don't forget to save him or her out as the sun is very hot! His or her face will be sunburnt but not his/her body!
Even you can see the see grass (look like sea weed) easily too!

For this beach which we went, guakji beach, is about 350m wide. Special of this beach is - hot and make you sun burnt straightaway - you have to walk quite a long way to the water. Anyway, it has 용천수 cold water straightaway coming from the land. Even inside the beach water you can feel the coldness of the water! There is a open shower room to clean yourself with the water! Beware! It's very cool!
Even mum wants to bring her baby to enjoy the beautiful nature! See the statue at the back of this photo? There are some sea lady statues in this beach.

Anyway, just want to show you that the baby in the previous photo (taken in 2007) grows up to be beautiful kid now! She touched the sand and played with the water herself this year!

Another special of the beach is that it has this kind of rocks along the way (different from southeast asian beaches).
Prepare your own tubes for yourself or your kids! Even other facilities that you want to play, if not you also can rent for the big tubes (not quite expensive). Also, you must rent a seat at the beach (with big umbrella, chair and table) - those are not free to sit.
The Koreans take care of their public facilities very well. This little spring was made in 2008 and the public car park was also organized better since 2008.

In 2008, the kids were still scared to play with the water themselves, but this year, they rushed to it and played under the water before entering the beach. Do not miss this part if you visit this beach! Let your kids enjoy the exciting moment!

Ok... why do I show this photo?

Food delivery are possible in the beach too! (Koreans zzang!)

Anyway, I still remembered we visited another beach in 2008 but I didn't know about the name. The view is very nice and there were also a lot of visitors!

When you see your kids yawning, it's time to go home! Or else, your kids will end up like the photo below:


tsueyhwa said...

Happy moment n cute kids expecially d bb who's sleeping. Tat's really funny :) All d pic u took is very nice!! Thumbs up!!

meimeijoyful said...

haha.... kids are the best models!

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