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Saturday, August 8, 2009

On the road

On the road to Seoul, what can you see? Since I'm not a driver now (but in my hometown), I can see the views all along the trip by car.

The view of Han river is always the best spot!
How about other views that may make your day?

Share with you some of the instant photos taken by handphone that opens my eyes.

On the road of Seoul, there are a lot of flower planted besides the road though spaces are limited. They do not only plant the colorful flowers but also add in some decorations to symbolize the special meaning of that exact place. This photo was taken when I took the bus home from Dong Seoul to Doekso, passed by a junction from Guri. There is also another beautiful spot like this in front of the Gwangjin Sports Center.
Big Foot! It is rarely to see in Seoul... also because the road here is not so bad, right? Anyway, long time no see!

These two photos were taken in the early morning of 5.45am on the Gangbyeon highway. The first one was the raining day, while the second one was the day in the raining season. Summer has the sun rises earlier. Even I walk to the bus station as early as 5.05am today, the day is getting brighter and when I arrived Seoul at 5.45am the day had already started! Thus, the day ends later, 8pm. I like summer!

Summer should enjoys the blue sky and beautiful cloud combination! Enjoy the sky!

On Gangbyeon highway again...

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