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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Namdaemun Market - must go shopping place

I have been a "tourist guide" for my friends when they visited Korea. I always welcome my friends come over to visit Korea and at the same time visit me. When they asked me what are the attractive places, I will first ask them back what the theme of visiting they would like to have, like shopping, museums visit, culture experience and etc.

Let's say shopping!
Recently my friend visited Korea and we went to Namdaemun market which has so many cheap stuff. Though it is not the first time I visit this market, it is always something new there to explore.

First, don't miss this place to take a photo with the sign of Namdaemun market. Erm... also the South Gate.

Going out from the subway HoeHyeon 회현역 exit 4 and you will see this.
Shops and lots of banners. Do not feel shocked if you see a guy wearing hat and bright color vest, he is promoting for the shopping mall he is working at. Just walk into the street and you will come to a street selling children clothes. They are selling cheap and a lot of mummies come here and buy clothes for their kids.

I believe if you have kids, you will sure not miss this place to get something for them. Things are also the latest trend too. Even I don't have kids yet, I am attracted by the kids' stuff. My friend got shoes and clothes for her kids and her friends too. Last time one of my Multiplian friend also got a lot of things here to resell back at Malaysia.

 Outside of exit 6 is the street of selling ladies' clothes.

The accessories (jewellery, hair bands, hair pins and etc) are available just opposite the tourist information center! I strongly recommend here because you can find a lot of things here - all are for wholesale only, but if you come here, try to buy more then they will give you lower price, if not, they may not sell to you.

This is the latest trend in this coming autumn and I got it here cheaply. Erm... they were in the process of making this hair band when I visited that day.

Also, you can get very cheap Korean handcraft and souvenirs very cheap in namdaemun. It is just near to exit 5 and at a orange building. Get inside and walk around 2nd floor and you will find 3 stores selling those. They sell cheaper than other shopping places in Seoul.

Next, get some food here if you are tired. Also the fruit juice store beside this store.

See how my friend enjoyed her cold noodle!

This bibim noodle is quite spicy!

More to shop and more to walk around. See carefully before you buy the things here. If possible, go with Korean friends or practise your Korean language then you can get a good price. My friend went there for the second time alone and they marked high price since she speak English and Chinese only.

Also, try to think first what you want to buy before you decide to visit this market as they are too big to walk around. We're so tired after walking only for 2 hours.

Camping at autumn (Sep)

We went to camping in September again as the weather turns well and it is autumn!

This time we went to 솔밭캠프장 (Sol-Bat Camping Place)
Address: 강원도 영월군 수주면 법흥리 655
Tel: 033-374-9659


Driving to the camp site, you will see this beautiful western house at the entrance. Opposite it is the mini store and the office.



See the trees?
The unique of this camp site is the trees are around the camp site. So, we have to make tents under the tall trees. It is so beautiful now, I think it will be more beautiful in winter! Full of snow! But... we will not camp in winter because it will be too cold. Even this time we felt so cold camping there.

Let you see the valley first.

SNV36223 The water level will be higher in summer.

The kids could not resist to go near the water though we could not swim this time.
We found a lot of acorns at the valley. Because of that, they are willing to take off their shoes and socks, wanted to get wet instead!
Did you see the boat? It is belonged to the owner here and anyone is free to use it. The kids sure will not miss taking the boat!

Another view of the valley!

We went there on Friday afternoon. Since it has already past the summer vacation, it was not crowded but we met some camping manias! Their camping facilities are modern and so convenient.

This tent, half-camping car?, attracted us the most! I think it is warmer staying over night there. The girl even practised the flute for the whole morning.

What can we do here?

As you can see from the first photo above, campers can ride 2-person bicycle there. It is provided and you are free to use it when you see it. If someone is using it, request from him or her that you want to take the next turn. The Koreans are very easy to tolerate.

There are also basketball court and "foot"ball court that you can play around. We also played badminton at the camping site as the area is a wide and flat land.

See this swing? All the kids can't resist it and want to play with it all the time.

Cross the valley is also the things the kid want to challenge. They are so excited to walk on the rocks and stones. It is fun and not dangerous as the water level is low.

The weather of autumn is the best of the year!

Green trees


with warm sunlight is the attractiveness!

The most unique thing we experienced this time is:
this camping site is equipped with electricity.
This means that we do not actually need to use gas  stove to cook food and boil water but use the normal electrical appliances at home, like rice cooker, electrical water boiler and electrical mattress!
Ya! That's the most important thing! Electrical mattress is the best thing in this trip - keep us so warm when we sleep.

Thus, if you really want to come here, please buy the electrical wires to link to your tent.

We enjoyed this trip as it is the most convenient trip - should say, most luxury trip. No need to prepare a lot of outdoor stuff but just bring along what we have at house. :)

We will go again in 2 weeks' time - we may see the autumn leaves this time!!! Expecting the beautiful autumn feel!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ashley Family Restaurant - Buffet lunch


Another family restaurant which offers buffet lunch and dinner.
Ashley buffet lunch is cheaper than VIPS, only 9,900 won.
We went to the branch at 천호 Choen Ho Outlet 2001.

Ashley family restaurant
Address: 서울시 강동구 천호동 563 이천일 아울렛 5층 애슐리
Tel: 02-485-1034
11am - 10pm
Off day: Sunday and Christmas

Parking is free at this branch

I didn't have the good impression for the first visit to this family restaurant at another branch for dinner. (Birthday celebration too) Yet, the recent 2 times when we visited this restaurant of Cheon Ho Outlet 2001 branch, I'm quite satisfied with their food though there are not many choices compared with VIPS family restuarant.


They also offer main menu, like pork rib, steak and spagetti. We get the salad bar buffet lunch only because it is more than enough. Erm... do not go there at lunch or dinner time because you have to wait for 40 minutes or more. Reach there a little bit earlier or later.


They have wide spaces with cute decoration, both for mums and kids.

Salad bar is L-shaped counter. I didn't take photos as... we're busy eating.

The salad I like the most - mashed potato, tuna (not actually in  the salad bar but at the bibimbap corner), pumpkin salad, tomato too. I also like their mini sandwich (which looks like mini burger).

They also serve mini dim sum (which VIPS do not have), and their fried chicken is just nice! I always take their brocoli soup anyway.

Desert - the banana is very nice! Fruits not much choices: watermelon, lychee and peach. Jelly is also available. Ice-cream too!

There are more food available but I only took photos when I'm free. (We're just too busy to eat and talk)

Just found out from their website, the new menu of autumn is out! Yoghurt salad, cuttlefish and steamed chicken are out... I want to try... but I also worried I'll get addicted  with salad bar! Too much to eat and can my stomach take it? :P

30th Seoul Dance Festival 2009

Thank you for my friend's treat to the 30th Seoul Dance Festival. We went to the concerts before so she treat me this time when she got the free tickets too.

We went yesterday, 24th Sep 2009 for the performance by:
운명의끈, 그씨줄과 날줄

Venue: Arko Arts Theater  아르코예술극장 (Subway line 4 HyeHwa station exit 2, the building behind HanKook YeChong)
30th Seoul Dance Festival actually starts  from 10th Sep until 30th Sep.
More information you can click at the link above.

Followed by the 12th Seoul International Dance Festival with KT&G - SIDance 2009
2009.10.5 - 10.24
Dancers from Korea, Slovenia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Asia-Africa Dance Exchange, Israel, India and Switzerland.

This was my first time to see a formal dance performance. We watched two totally different dance.
First was a modern dance by On & Off Dance Group.

Five main dancers with strong body actions. Actually both my friends and I did not understand about this performance much. As I saw one like this before at my friend's (a dancer) graduation performance, I am keen to watch it until the end to guess what message they want to bring out.

Second one is a strong Korean culture dance, with bright colors and traditional weapons. It made me think of Chinese dance anyway.

5 men dancers and 6 female dancers.

After I watched this performance, I only know that the handsome and tall dancers really exist in  this world. :P Anyway, the Korean dancers really perform very well. I hope to see ballet show next time.

I saw this poster outside the hall, really curious it.

I also saw this outside the hall - the dancers for different years. They look like Chinese lol.

If anyone did attend this show too, and you know what the dance is about, please leave me a message and tell me about it. Thank you!

Move House in Korea


I saw this when I visited my friend's apartment!
I always feel so surprised to see the move-house car - especially move things from so, so, so high apartments and buildings. I never see this in my country before as we seldom live in apartment but one-storey or two-storey houses, but now change a lot.

I like the  moving house facility at Korea. They are very helpful and give those who move house convenience. In Malaysia, we have to find our own moving truck or car. There is no such service that we can call up to move all the things in our house to a new house, even include cleaning and arranging.

This kind of facility depends on how much you can afford. If you have kids, it is advisable to include the service of cleaning and arranging.

Before you move house, first, find and research for a reliable moving house service.

Second, call them and ask for their advice - they will see which size of car depend on your moving stuff). They will come to have a look most probably. If confirm, tell them the exact time you would like to move house.

Third, arrange the personal things that you can do by yourself asap. For the kitchen stuff, you can leave them to the  ajumma (normally the cleaner is a lady). Normally they will provide boxes to put your stuff (not paper type but plastic type that can put a lot of stuff)

Forth, do not forget the things you need to uninstall or cut off the services like internet service and tv service. Jot down the date you move house so that you will know the gas and water fee you need to pay later on. Settle it either with the new rentee or the owner. Things like air-con should be uninstalled earlier too.

Fifth, not every thing you may move out. The things you want to throw away especially those are big-size, put outside your house 3 days before, if nobody take it away, you have to settle it with the local office and pay a little bit amount for them to move your things away. If you live in apartments, there is a recyclable place that you have to place it at.
** that's we get advantage when somebody move house, you can take anything you like when they throw away.

Sixth, it is better to move house in the morning because you can finish earlier before noon or in the afternoon. Then you can at least sleep with some arrangement of the bed. Do not try to finish all the arrangements in one day only. Give yourself a good rest for the first day of  moving.
Think of the layout of the house and arrangement of your furniture before you move in. It will bring the mover a good idea that how they can put your things in.

Seventh, small house move to big house is easy. How about if you move in to a smaller house? Throw away the things you do not need! So, do not buy too much furniture!

Eighth, do not forget the rubbish bag. Different area has different bag.

Hope this can give you a good idea of moving house in Korea. :)

Healthy duck soup

Our school is at Yang Pyeong, Gyeonggi do. Sometimes we go out to have lunch or dinner.
We came to know this restaurant not by ourselves but because of the owner of the tuition center, which I taught part time there sometimes, brought us here. After one time dining here, we could not forget the delicious duck meat soup here!

유황오리엄나무백숙 Duck boiled with kalopanax
(I'm not sure why they state in their price list as chicken?)
Price is 35,000 won (4-ppl size)

This  is not always available (not too early or too late), sometimes out of sales because normally customers order before arriving the restaurant. Anyway, we did not face that situation before.

It's quite like ginseng chicken... but this taste much better!

After you finish the meat, they will add in the scorched rice 누룽지 and soup. Anyway, if 4 of you not a big eater, you will surely feel so full and can't finish the rice! They serve very nice side dishes too!!!

This is the price list:

The main food here actually is...

Dog meat!!!

Actually that is not beef but... dog meat! not chicken but duck.

We tried the beef stock soup before, just like normal restaurant.

How to come here?
From the town area of Yangpyeong to the highway and Yongmun road, you will find this shop with the signboard below:

The restaurant has a very unique design inside and outside. Outside has a lot of flowers too.

Address: 경기도 양평군 양평읍 도곡리 594-2
Tel: 031-774-0799
10am - 10pm

Found this from naver website:

nice, right?
Highly recommendation if you really want to try something like ginseng chicken.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My neighbourhood - 1


When you walk around the street of Seoul, or even shops in your neighbourhood, you sure will not miss out this types of "square-shaped" estate / house lists.

매매 (賣買) sale and purchase / trade
for villa, apartment or even land.

This is the way we find a new house if we want to move to another place. We need to walk around that area to have a look at the prices and houses available there. Normally the house basic data is shown outside the window, like the price, size of the house, numbers of room, and etc.

There is also another way to look for house available or sell your house without going to the real estate. It can save some money but the possibility to find someone to move in your house is smaller if your area is not so popular. You can put on the advertisements yourself on a public notice board like market, or the lamp posts all around your area! (You can see the advertisements of tuition actually on the lamp posts)

The sale and purchase way of house is different from our country. We call it rental since we cannot own the house. Koreans rent the house either by paying monthly or in the full amount. You will save more if you can pay in the full amount when you first move in, but that's not a small amount. The period of contract is normally for 2 years. After 2 years, the owner will decide whether to increase or decrease the rental fee. (Normally it is increased because the Korean living cost is getting higher and higher!)

Anyway, the process of finding a house in Korea is efficient! When you confirm that you like the house, you just need to confirm the moving date with the present house rentee, and then sign the contract, and arrange your moving and transfer the money on the day you move in! All things can be solved within a few days! They are really 빨리빨리!

Tips for moving house:
  1. find the house with a nice owner so that you can get better service when something need to be fixed for the house
  2. find the house which is quite new because the old house always have more inconvenience, like gas supply and the wall (applied to rural area)
  3. if you want to have an air-conditioner in your house, ask the owner first because it involves making a hole to the mirror or the wall of the house
We have been moving house 3 times for the last 4 years. The house in Seoul area is extremely expensive but convenient as it has good transportation system. Houses out of Seoul are cheaper but still expensive if there is a subway around.
In short, survey properly and get some advice from Korean friends before you move in a house, it's better to get them with you when you visit the house for the first time, especially ajumma friends. They are more experienced and can negotiate for you.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Entering autumn

Finally the most beautiful season autumn arrives!

Just... this is the season to study too! So, not much time to walk around. Yet it is so calm when you look out of the car or bus, the road is full of different colours of flowers. I want to take photo of flowers but not any chance yet.

Just want to share with you some photos taken on the early of autumn, using my 3-len toy camera.

I'm attracted by the blue sky everyday!!!
The weather this week is: hot on day (especially noon to afternoon), and so cold in the early morning and night. Be careful of flu! (Not only the swine flu, but the common flu caused by the big temperature difference of day and night)

Lines... lines... and lines... block the view.
Seoul is a metropolitan city that develops very fast, and the population keeps growing. The most headache problem is the prices of houses are going up too fast! Living cost is too high!

Green leaves under the sun! Don't you think they are good combination?
"Car-free day" for the 3rd time will be launched on 22nd Sep 2009. To gain the social awareness of the air pollution and  energy saving, the Seoul government set the rule that all cars except buses will be banned to run on some streets in Seoul.
The point is the buses and subway train will be free of charge before 9am. :)
Check out more information online.

New highway to ChunCheon from Namyangju!
It's just next to our house. It brings convenient to us that we can save time and petrol to travel to Seoul (ok... this road is going to Gangwando). The way from Deokso to Gwanjin area of East Seoul normally takes us 25-30 minutes because of lots of traffic lights. Yet because of this new bridge (previously was set to call as namyangju bridge, change to misari bridge), we reach there in only 12-15 minutes!
The efficiency and effectiveness of Koreans just cannot be denied! Bravo!

I'm waiting for the new subways from Kuksuri to YangPyeong (중앙선), and more will be launched as the time expected.

Because of the good weather, do not miss the chance to walk around your apartment and have fun under the cooling sunshine!
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