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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mount Hallasan National Park, Jeju Island

Mount Hallasan National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage.
Height: 1,950 meter.

This mountain stands tall in the middle of Jeju Island. It is also called Mt. Yeongjusan, meaning a mountain high enough to pull the galaxy. It is designated as a National Park in 1970, surrounded 368 parasitic mountains (called Ohruem "peaks").

Over 1,800 kinds of plants and 4,000 species of animals (3,300 species of insects) are known to exist here. The climbing courses are well-developed and you can carefully observe the surroundings.
The climbing course is short and less than 10km in length, up and down in one day. But the weather conditions often change and there is a lot of wind, so you must be well prepared before going up the mountain.


From the photo above, you can see the hiking courses available:
- Seongpanak trail: 9.6km to Baengnokdam (4 hours 30 mins for 1-way)
- Gwaneumsa trail: 8.7km to Baengnokdam (5 hours for 1-way)
- Eorimok trail: 4.7km to Wiseoreum (2 hours for 1-way)
- Yeongsil trail: 3.7km to Wiseoreum  (1 hour 30 min for 1-way)

The ascending and descending time is different for different seasons. Please refer to here for more information (other facilities and local transportation).
In summer, for the course we took - Eorimok trail: ascent 5am - 2pm, descent 4pm

Admission: Free

Geologic Evolution of Jeju Island
Jeju Island was produced by volcanic activity from about 1.8 million years ago with eruptions continuing until historic times. The early volcanism of Jeju Island began underwater on the bed of the Yellow Sea continental shelf. This hydrovolcanism continued for more than a million years forming the Seoguipo Formation in the subsurface, which is composed of numerous hydropmagmatic volcanoes and marine sedimentary strata. Lava effusion became dominant after about 600,000 years ago, forming the lava plateau and shield, and numerious volcanic cones (oreums). Construction of the 1,950m - high peak of Mt. Halla was completed by the Holocene Epoch less than 10,000 years ago. About five to seven thousand years ago the Seongsan Ilchulbong tuff cone and the Songaksan tuff ring were produces by hydrovolcanic eruptions along the seashore, also resulting in deposition of the Sinyangri and Hamori formations.

In Aug 2008, we had a chance to climb this mountain through Eorimok trail. So, I will show you some photos and amazing experiences.

SNV30208 start from the bottom

What you first need to do is climb up the staircases! Every mountains start with staircases - it's tiring! So better be prepared and have breakfast before you climb up the mountain. Do not give up although people pass over you when you climb up the mountain. Let their passion be your motivation: They can do it, I can do it too!


After finished the staircases, the clear blue sky welcomes you! Do not forget about the hot sun too! So please put on sun cream or sunblock before climbing. Anyway, when you see this view, you will feel better as you can see the mountains around and you know how far you're going to reach.
finally can see the sky!

long way to go!
still a long way to go?

Enjoy the scenery:

helicopter  helicopter up and down

hallasan peaks everywhere

rocks rocks on the floor (beautiful creation)

SNV30237 butterflies everywhere

SNV30236 beautiful flowers along the way



크기변환_크기변환_DSC_3346 also wild deers! Capture them before they ran away!

When we reached the Wiseoreum, we were so excited! It's tough yet a meaningful trip!
First, enjoy the view of the tall Mt Halla - it's just in front of you but... not yet there!

SNV30249 rest place - only sells choco chips and instant noodle!

크기변환_크기변환_DSC_3364 the instant noodle was so delicious!

There are a lot of black drongos.

After we took enough rest, it's time for us to go down again. Do not forget to take some photos before you walk down. It will be faster to walk down than climb up.
Up at Hallasan

Hope you will enjoy the Mt Hallasan climbing course!

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tsueyhwa said...

How much time did u take to climb up to the peak? But d track seems like no as sloping as Mt. Kinabalu. However, d sceneries r really nice!!

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