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Friday, September 25, 2009

Ashley Family Restaurant - Buffet lunch


Another family restaurant which offers buffet lunch and dinner.
Ashley buffet lunch is cheaper than VIPS, only 9,900 won.
We went to the branch at 천호 Choen Ho Outlet 2001.

Ashley family restaurant
Address: 서울시 강동구 천호동 563 이천일 아울렛 5층 애슐리
Tel: 02-485-1034
11am - 10pm
Off day: Sunday and Christmas

Parking is free at this branch

I didn't have the good impression for the first visit to this family restaurant at another branch for dinner. (Birthday celebration too) Yet, the recent 2 times when we visited this restaurant of Cheon Ho Outlet 2001 branch, I'm quite satisfied with their food though there are not many choices compared with VIPS family restuarant.


They also offer main menu, like pork rib, steak and spagetti. We get the salad bar buffet lunch only because it is more than enough. Erm... do not go there at lunch or dinner time because you have to wait for 40 minutes or more. Reach there a little bit earlier or later.


They have wide spaces with cute decoration, both for mums and kids.

Salad bar is L-shaped counter. I didn't take photos as... we're busy eating.

The salad I like the most - mashed potato, tuna (not actually in  the salad bar but at the bibimbap corner), pumpkin salad, tomato too. I also like their mini sandwich (which looks like mini burger).

They also serve mini dim sum (which VIPS do not have), and their fried chicken is just nice! I always take their brocoli soup anyway.

Desert - the banana is very nice! Fruits not much choices: watermelon, lychee and peach. Jelly is also available. Ice-cream too!

There are more food available but I only took photos when I'm free. (We're just too busy to eat and talk)

Just found out from their website, the new menu of autumn is out! Yoghurt salad, cuttlefish and steamed chicken are out... I want to try... but I also worried I'll get addicted  with salad bar! Too much to eat and can my stomach take it? :P


tsueyhwa said...

For sure u can take it, as long as u dun forget to do more exercise..Haha!!

meimeijoyful said...

the buffet here is too nutritious coz got a lot of fresh vegetables that attracts me to go! :)
I still go to swimming lessons nowadays.

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