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Friday, September 25, 2009

30th Seoul Dance Festival 2009

Thank you for my friend's treat to the 30th Seoul Dance Festival. We went to the concerts before so she treat me this time when she got the free tickets too.

We went yesterday, 24th Sep 2009 for the performance by:
운명의끈, 그씨줄과 날줄

Venue: Arko Arts Theater  아르코예술극장 (Subway line 4 HyeHwa station exit 2, the building behind HanKook YeChong)
30th Seoul Dance Festival actually starts  from 10th Sep until 30th Sep.
More information you can click at the link above.

Followed by the 12th Seoul International Dance Festival with KT&G - SIDance 2009
2009.10.5 - 10.24
Dancers from Korea, Slovenia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Asia-Africa Dance Exchange, Israel, India and Switzerland.

This was my first time to see a formal dance performance. We watched two totally different dance.
First was a modern dance by On & Off Dance Group.

Five main dancers with strong body actions. Actually both my friends and I did not understand about this performance much. As I saw one like this before at my friend's (a dancer) graduation performance, I am keen to watch it until the end to guess what message they want to bring out.

Second one is a strong Korean culture dance, with bright colors and traditional weapons. It made me think of Chinese dance anyway.

5 men dancers and 6 female dancers.

After I watched this performance, I only know that the handsome and tall dancers really exist in  this world. :P Anyway, the Korean dancers really perform very well. I hope to see ballet show next time.

I saw this poster outside the hall, really curious it.

I also saw this outside the hall - the dancers for different years. They look like Chinese lol.

If anyone did attend this show too, and you know what the dance is about, please leave me a message and tell me about it. Thank you!

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