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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gallery Concert - Music + Art

The Korea Foundation Cultural Center's 4th Anniversary Gallery concert
Date: 1st Sep & 2nd Sep 2009
Time: 7pm
Venue: Gallery Nuri, KF Cultural Center

I applied for the 2nd night as there was the famous jazz group and special performance by French painter Gerard Economos. First night was performed by Grupo Vocal Millennium (conductor, Lim Jae-Sik) and second night by Jazz Quintet Prelude and special performance by painter Gerard Economos.

The Korea Foundation has been promoting Korea and its culture worldwide through various international exchange activities since its foundation in 1991. And as part of these efforts, the Korea Foundation Cultural Center was established in downtown Seoul in 2005. It provides a venue for cultural exchange  through which Koreans and foreign residents in Korea can experience each others' cultures.

You can visit their homepage: http://www.kfcenter.or.kr/ for more information or visit them
Korea Foundation Cultural Center, JoongAng Ilbo Building, 1st Floor, 7 Sunhwa-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-759, Korea Foundation.

"Prelude" is a jazz band of 6 Berklee Music College graduates, led by pianist Heean Ko.
The band was started by 5 Koreans and 1 expat in 2003 and has rapidly expanded its presence on the Korean jazz scene with its debut album "Croissant" in 2995 and its 2nd album "Breezing up" released in 2007. Afterwards it reorganized as a quintet of a piano, bass guitar, drum and 2 tenor saxophones, as its altoist left the team. In face, what made the team unique on the Korean jazz scene was that brass is the core of its sound.

French Artist Gerard Economos
Gerard Economos is a French painter who has focused on Lyrical Abstraction Art with core elements of nature as the main theme of his works. He introduced the concept "Music to see, painting to hear" in the early 1980s and has presented painting performance to live orchestra music since then.
With the grand theme of nature and the world as his main motive, he also expresses his inspiration from the orchestra's performance. He has been performing in cooperation with various international music groups, including Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, and Beijing Opera. He presented his performance to the music of jazz band "Prelude" for this year's KFCC Gallery Concert.
It's hard to find the photos of this painter, so I got it
from the brochure.
Let's go to the live show on 2nd Sep 2009:
I didn't manage to record the videos of the first 3 songs - breezing up, croissant and funly shake. They're really nice!

1st photo with white blank background

2nd photo with starting of painting

3rd photo with unfinished painting

4th photo with finished painting! Bravo! Within about 1 hour he finished the amazingly beautiful painting!

I also attached here with the videos. Hope you enjoy them too!

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