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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Camping at autumn (Sep)

We went to camping in September again as the weather turns well and it is autumn!

This time we went to 솔밭캠프장 (Sol-Bat Camping Place)
Address: 강원도 영월군 수주면 법흥리 655
Tel: 033-374-9659


Driving to the camp site, you will see this beautiful western house at the entrance. Opposite it is the mini store and the office.



See the trees?
The unique of this camp site is the trees are around the camp site. So, we have to make tents under the tall trees. It is so beautiful now, I think it will be more beautiful in winter! Full of snow! But... we will not camp in winter because it will be too cold. Even this time we felt so cold camping there.

Let you see the valley first.

SNV36223 The water level will be higher in summer.

The kids could not resist to go near the water though we could not swim this time.
We found a lot of acorns at the valley. Because of that, they are willing to take off their shoes and socks, wanted to get wet instead!
Did you see the boat? It is belonged to the owner here and anyone is free to use it. The kids sure will not miss taking the boat!

Another view of the valley!

We went there on Friday afternoon. Since it has already past the summer vacation, it was not crowded but we met some camping manias! Their camping facilities are modern and so convenient.

This tent, half-camping car?, attracted us the most! I think it is warmer staying over night there. The girl even practised the flute for the whole morning.

What can we do here?

As you can see from the first photo above, campers can ride 2-person bicycle there. It is provided and you are free to use it when you see it. If someone is using it, request from him or her that you want to take the next turn. The Koreans are very easy to tolerate.

There are also basketball court and "foot"ball court that you can play around. We also played badminton at the camping site as the area is a wide and flat land.

See this swing? All the kids can't resist it and want to play with it all the time.

Cross the valley is also the things the kid want to challenge. They are so excited to walk on the rocks and stones. It is fun and not dangerous as the water level is low.

The weather of autumn is the best of the year!

Green trees


with warm sunlight is the attractiveness!

The most unique thing we experienced this time is:
this camping site is equipped with electricity.
This means that we do not actually need to use gas  stove to cook food and boil water but use the normal electrical appliances at home, like rice cooker, electrical water boiler and electrical mattress!
Ya! That's the most important thing! Electrical mattress is the best thing in this trip - keep us so warm when we sleep.

Thus, if you really want to come here, please buy the electrical wires to link to your tent.

We enjoyed this trip as it is the most convenient trip - should say, most luxury trip. No need to prepare a lot of outdoor stuff but just bring along what we have at house. :)

We will go again in 2 weeks' time - we may see the autumn leaves this time!!! Expecting the beautiful autumn feel!

1 comment:

tsueyhwa said...

This is really a good place for camping. With the beautiful natural scenery around, tis is such a great experience!!

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