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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

AGAIN, AISFF - Short Films Screening

To celebrate 7th Asiana International Short Film Festival (5th Nov - 10th Nov 2009), the organized party has decided to hold a series of provincial screening.
Seoul event:
Date: 5 to 13 September
Venue: Haechi Hall in Myeong Dong
features of total of 18 short films from many different countries.

Cost: 3,000 won per program.
Program please view here.

Info: 02-727 3251
I've got 2 free tickets from Korea4expats.com so... I went there with my friend on last Saturday 4pm - which I met the famous actor 안성기 An-SeongGi.
We had a short time meeting with him and 2 other young Korean directors (Park Jae-ok of Stop movie and Lee Seung-nam of Refresh Her... movie)
Before the show
After the show, we took photos with the banner.
I'm thankful that I got the lucky draw - a free set of coffee package! (3 lucky draws)
What we watched was program 3:
  • Four by Ivana Sebestova, Slovakia, 2007, time: 15'40', 35mm, Color, Animation (about 4 girls, beautiful yellow and grey combination of colors)
  • 510 Meters Above Sea Level by Polte Kerstin, Swiss, 2008, time: 16' 30", Digi Beta, color, Fiction (a girl who missed the train and met a girl on the lonely airport)
  • Stop by Park Jae-Ok, Korea, 2008, time: 6', Beta SP, Color, Fiction (son and mother story, time stopped when they met an accident)
  • Refresh Her... by Lee Seung-nam, Korea, 2007, time: 22', Digi Beta, Color, Fiction (countryside story of coffee girl with an old man story)
  • Tony Zear by Valentin Potier, France, 2007, 20', Beta SP, Color, Fiction (28-year-old single Tony with his big ear story - search for true love)
  • Way Home by Oh Erick, Lee Hung-Yeon, Korea, 2008, 9', Digi Beta, Color, Animation (father bring home a rock story)
I personally like the story of Stop, but I like the creativity of Refresh Her... It lets me know about the different side of the country of Korea. May be something unusual is always the new thing we like to explore.
Thus, if you have time and like to watch movie, why not try on these types of short films? Anyway, combination of all still needs to be there for 1 hour 30 minutes or more. Enjoy it!

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