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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Entering autumn

Finally the most beautiful season autumn arrives!

Just... this is the season to study too! So, not much time to walk around. Yet it is so calm when you look out of the car or bus, the road is full of different colours of flowers. I want to take photo of flowers but not any chance yet.

Just want to share with you some photos taken on the early of autumn, using my 3-len toy camera.

I'm attracted by the blue sky everyday!!!
The weather this week is: hot on day (especially noon to afternoon), and so cold in the early morning and night. Be careful of flu! (Not only the swine flu, but the common flu caused by the big temperature difference of day and night)

Lines... lines... and lines... block the view.
Seoul is a metropolitan city that develops very fast, and the population keeps growing. The most headache problem is the prices of houses are going up too fast! Living cost is too high!

Green leaves under the sun! Don't you think they are good combination?
"Car-free day" for the 3rd time will be launched on 22nd Sep 2009. To gain the social awareness of the air pollution and  energy saving, the Seoul government set the rule that all cars except buses will be banned to run on some streets in Seoul.
The point is the buses and subway train will be free of charge before 9am. :)
Check out more information online.

New highway to ChunCheon from Namyangju!
It's just next to our house. It brings convenient to us that we can save time and petrol to travel to Seoul (ok... this road is going to Gangwando). The way from Deokso to Gwanjin area of East Seoul normally takes us 25-30 minutes because of lots of traffic lights. Yet because of this new bridge (previously was set to call as namyangju bridge, change to misari bridge), we reach there in only 12-15 minutes!
The efficiency and effectiveness of Koreans just cannot be denied! Bravo!

I'm waiting for the new subways from Kuksuri to YangPyeong (중앙선), and more will be launched as the time expected.

Because of the good weather, do not miss the chance to walk around your apartment and have fun under the cooling sunshine!

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