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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Namdaemun Market - must go shopping place

I have been a "tourist guide" for my friends when they visited Korea. I always welcome my friends come over to visit Korea and at the same time visit me. When they asked me what are the attractive places, I will first ask them back what the theme of visiting they would like to have, like shopping, museums visit, culture experience and etc.

Let's say shopping!
Recently my friend visited Korea and we went to Namdaemun market which has so many cheap stuff. Though it is not the first time I visit this market, it is always something new there to explore.

First, don't miss this place to take a photo with the sign of Namdaemun market. Erm... also the South Gate.

Going out from the subway HoeHyeon 회현역 exit 4 and you will see this.
Shops and lots of banners. Do not feel shocked if you see a guy wearing hat and bright color vest, he is promoting for the shopping mall he is working at. Just walk into the street and you will come to a street selling children clothes. They are selling cheap and a lot of mummies come here and buy clothes for their kids.

I believe if you have kids, you will sure not miss this place to get something for them. Things are also the latest trend too. Even I don't have kids yet, I am attracted by the kids' stuff. My friend got shoes and clothes for her kids and her friends too. Last time one of my Multiplian friend also got a lot of things here to resell back at Malaysia.

 Outside of exit 6 is the street of selling ladies' clothes.

The accessories (jewellery, hair bands, hair pins and etc) are available just opposite the tourist information center! I strongly recommend here because you can find a lot of things here - all are for wholesale only, but if you come here, try to buy more then they will give you lower price, if not, they may not sell to you.

This is the latest trend in this coming autumn and I got it here cheaply. Erm... they were in the process of making this hair band when I visited that day.

Also, you can get very cheap Korean handcraft and souvenirs very cheap in namdaemun. It is just near to exit 5 and at a orange building. Get inside and walk around 2nd floor and you will find 3 stores selling those. They sell cheaper than other shopping places in Seoul.

Next, get some food here if you are tired. Also the fruit juice store beside this store.

See how my friend enjoyed her cold noodle!

This bibim noodle is quite spicy!

More to shop and more to walk around. See carefully before you buy the things here. If possible, go with Korean friends or practise your Korean language then you can get a good price. My friend went there for the second time alone and they marked high price since she speak English and Chinese only.

Also, try to think first what you want to buy before you decide to visit this market as they are too big to walk around. We're so tired after walking only for 2 hours.

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