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Friday, September 25, 2009

Healthy duck soup

Our school is at Yang Pyeong, Gyeonggi do. Sometimes we go out to have lunch or dinner.
We came to know this restaurant not by ourselves but because of the owner of the tuition center, which I taught part time there sometimes, brought us here. After one time dining here, we could not forget the delicious duck meat soup here!

유황오리엄나무백숙 Duck boiled with kalopanax
(I'm not sure why they state in their price list as chicken?)
Price is 35,000 won (4-ppl size)

This  is not always available (not too early or too late), sometimes out of sales because normally customers order before arriving the restaurant. Anyway, we did not face that situation before.

It's quite like ginseng chicken... but this taste much better!

After you finish the meat, they will add in the scorched rice 누룽지 and soup. Anyway, if 4 of you not a big eater, you will surely feel so full and can't finish the rice! They serve very nice side dishes too!!!

This is the price list:

The main food here actually is...

Dog meat!!!

Actually that is not beef but... dog meat! not chicken but duck.

We tried the beef stock soup before, just like normal restaurant.

How to come here?
From the town area of Yangpyeong to the highway and Yongmun road, you will find this shop with the signboard below:

The restaurant has a very unique design inside and outside. Outside has a lot of flowers too.

Address: 경기도 양평군 양평읍 도곡리 594-2
Tel: 031-774-0799
10am - 10pm

Found this from naver website:

nice, right?
Highly recommendation if you really want to try something like ginseng chicken.


tsueyhwa said...

Hungry already when i reading tis. I love to eat duck meat. I heard tat it is legal to eat dog meat in Korea. But i guess u dare not to try rite? Me too *_* I wonder y the restaurant state beef instead of dog, chicken instead of duck?? Do they also write d same thing in Korean too?

meimeijoyful said...

yes, it's legal.
I didn't eat the meat before, but I drank the soup before... :(
wrong translation.

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