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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lunch Buffet at Restaurant Marche

We got a coupon from the bank and we had a chance to visit Restaurant Marche (마르쉐) at Jamsil Lotte World branch. We took the lunch buffet which is 19,900 won, but since we have a free lunch coupon we only paid for 19,900 won for 2 persons. (Weekends will cost 25,900 won)


Restaurant Marche
Address: B3 of Lotte World
Parking: Lotte World Adventure parking lot
Business hour: 11.00 am - 11.00 pm
Tel: 02-418-7757
340 people max.


Marche World Buffet

Their dining style is quite different from VIPS family restaurant.
"You will get a table card and ordering card when you enter the Marche restaurant (There's no menu book).
You can choose table that you want  and put the table card on the table. So everyone knows that table has taken.
Have a look around for variety menus with ordering card. When you order food that you want, chefs will give a stamp on your ordering card.
You can get your food within 5 to 10 minutes. And there is extra charge for steak, lib, fresh fruit juice and alcoholic liquors. But it's low-priced.
Please return both table card and ordering card when you'd like to pay your bill at the counter."


Anyway, the stamps are only applied to those food which need to pay like steak, lib, prawns, fresh fruit juice, also kebab - only available for dinner!!! :(
There are prices listed on the food - those only applicable to the customers who do not want to take the buffet. Do not be confused.

The interesting thing is all the food displayed are fresh vegetables and fruits! I'm wondering how can they keep it everyday - or they change it everyday? Isn't it high cost then?
Anyway, their interior design is sure thumbs up - better than VIPS family restaurant.



Let's show you some food I ate (not all).

3-minute prepared Spaghetti

Some salad and pizza (I like the beans salad very much!)
They also serve rice salad - try it.

Deserts - mini cake ... not recommended.

just beside the sushi bar (sushi is very little choice - no raw salmon like VIPS), there is Vietnamese noodle - too salty.

Finally we found prawn - but ... chinese style fried prawn.

If 5 stars is full mark, this family restaurant... may worth only 2.5...  not really much choices yet expensive.

Anyway, walk around the Ice Rink of the Lotte World after the meal at the restaurant. It is an awesome place. Kim Yeon-A practised here before when she was small. A lot of kids enjoyed ice-skating here too.
I also want to have a try one day!




visitseoul said...

lotte world ice link is always awesome!!!

meimeijoyful said...

do you play ice skating there?

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