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Saturday, August 8, 2009


There are many cinemas at Korea. Different companies hold the market in Korea, like Lotte, CGV, Cynus, Megabox and etc.

From 3rd July 09, the price of watching movies at theatre was increased:
Seoul area
- early bird seats: increase from 4,000 won to 5,000 won
- day time: (Mon - Thurs) 8,000 won
- Fri - Sun, public holidays: 9,000 won
- teenagers: 7,000 won
- mid night show: some 7,000 won and some 8,000 won

Yet, I visited 3 theatres for 3 movies since July:

CGV Gangbyeon - for Harry Potter new movie
It is at the 10th floor, old and not-taken well theatre. My Korean friends don't like to come here anymore since there is a better theatre at Star City, near to Konkuk Uni.

Tips: early bird seat at this theatre only apply to the first show of the day!
Price are quite different from the price list above.

Lotte Cinema - Star City, Konkuk Uni branch
We got free coupons for the movie and we watched 국가대표 Jump.
Parking here is good, theatre is new and wide. We even got free drink coupon since 3 of us watched the movie together.

Tips: Anyway, do not come here in weekends if you do not book it in advance for new movies. There are always crowded of people!

Dream cinema (classic cinema) at line 5 Sodaemun station, exit 8
02-362-3149, 2797
This is a classic type of theatre that only shows 1 or 2 movies at a time - only 1 big screen. Before the big cinemas started before, this type of cinema was a must visit place.
The name was changed from (구)화양극장. The famous Hong Kong movies in the early 90s were shown here only. It has first floor and second floor. It allows about 700 people.
Not only the building has the classic feel, they also exhibit the classic music plates.

Nowadays, public are welcomed to apply for the preview show here. We watched twice here:
  1. old but famous Hong Kong movie
  2. Japan animation - Summer Wars (www.summerwars.co.kr)

Anyway, it is a new explore for me that: even in a modern metropolitan city like Seoul, the classic cinemas are preserved that the local people can still have the feeling of their parents' lifes. I like it though.

Enjoy watching movie at Korea!

Snacks with movie: Popcorn, Coke/cider, squid, and etc.


Wai Yee said...


Im gg to Seoul in Sep and am wondering if their movies comes in English subtitles?


meimeijoyful said...

yes, some Korean movies come with English subtitle, but only in some theatres and some korean movies.

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