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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer food (2) - Cold noodle

Cold noodle is a very special summer food in Korea that you must also try when you visit Korea in summer. It is served coldly with ice, cucumber and egg. It is either in the type of water or mix with chili sauce. It is recommended to try the water one because it is not as spicy as the other one.
My friend and I visited this restuarant - YookSsam Naengmyeon at Chon Ho branch 육쌈냉면 - 천호점. We didn't know about this shop at first but when we went in, we found a lot of customers. Some of them even needed to wait for the seats since they were all occupied. This was a good sign - delicious that it attracts a lot of people.

What are the attractions?
- cold noodle in hot summer!
- cheap price - 4,500 won for one bowl of noodle and meat! 냉면+고기!
- delicious and cheap at this area - Department stores and E-mart around!

Let you see the photos:

When you enter the shop, you can see this really "hot" and "hard" working guy is bbq-ing the meat!
Order the food -
(1) water type - mul-naengmyeon 물냉면
(2) bibim naengmyeon
they serve this pot of cold soup with the bibim naengmyeon too.
Don't forget the meat!
How to eat cold noodle?
- add the vinegar and ginger sauce as the photo below (according to your taste)
- mix the noodle thoroughly
- cut the noodle with the scissors provide
- drink the soup by holding the whole bowl up :)

Different restaurants serve different types of cold noodles. Some even add in kiwi.

Do not forget to drink the hot soup 육수 served just next to the counter. Water is self service.

Also, the chopsticks are put in the drawer of the side of the table! Amazing idea - save table space to put the utensils. I like their serving idea.

This restaurant is just at the junction next to E-mart of CheonHo branch, Lote Ogori 로데오거리. Walk from Emart and at the first junction, with shop at the corner, turn right and you will see the restaurant.

Tel: 02-570-6395.

Enjoy it!


tsueyhwa said...

hmm..cold noodles.. Eventhough malaysia is a very hot weather country but we dun hav cold noodle. I never tried korean cold noodle but only japanese cold soba. Really wanna try it one day!

meimeijoyful said...

the noodle is different and thus the taste is little bit different. see if can get in kk?

tsueyhwa said...

yea, my cousin tried once korean cold noodle soup in a korean restaurant at api2 centre abt 6 yrs ago. However, he didn't like it mb becoz of it's very different from d classic japanese cold soba which we already familiar with. Anyway, I wanna try a classic korean cold noodle both dry n wet in one day..:D

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