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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fishing (4)

After the first fishing trip with 4 of us (which I will blog later), pastor decided to bring the youth to go fishing this time. This time we went in 2 big cars. Lots of people and had more fun. Some already reached there on Friday (24th Oct 2008), and they caught a lot of fish! Some of us arrived mid night and had the chance to eat the fishes for breakfast on the second day. Yummy!

Thus, pastor brought us to the port in the early morning 6.30am.

To go to the port, we had to cross a mountain by jungle trekking. (shaking shot)

The scenery is so beautiful! I like sea and I miss sea view so much! (I came from East Malaysia which we can go to the beach within 15 minutes)

7.11am sun was still hiding under the clouds
We need sun! It's freezing cold!

7.35am the sun came out but we still could not fight over the coldness and we decided to go back to the homestay.

Anyway, these were the tools we used.

I found this too (I didn't take home anyway).


View of the sea is always wide and wonderful! Birds are everywhere!

See how exciting we were!
Fishing actually is a boring actitivity because it takes a lot of time and effort but still may not have any result. We did not catch any fish but we were frozen by the cold wind. But we were amazed by the amazing nature and scenery of the sea! We are gladful we can be here!
Fishing widens up my view because it trains my patience. Even though we don't know where the fish is, we still have to try looking for them!

Also, Koreans really practise this: leave nothing but your footprints - not possible to leave footprints in the cement floor - but we leave our shadows. All the rubbish and things we used we never left at the port, so as the other people. That's why you can see all the time I took the photos - the port is very clean. They really have a good attitude and behavior in taking care of the environment and think of others.

One thing you may curious: how do you wash the tools - use the sea water! Wash the fish with sea water as that's where they come from - that's why raw fish is safe to eat.


tsueyhwa said...

All the photos r very nice!! All valuable memories, happy fun times n sceneries r recorded. Envy U!! :D

meimeijoyful said...

Thank you! I enjoy the time with my church family together, and I enjoy all the chances I can visit anyway. :)

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