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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fishing (3)

Fishing in spring and autumn almost the same - freezing cold in Geoje Island!

We wore winter jackets and we had to keep making hot water to make ourselves warm. The windblocker is the most important in this trip! Ok... the most important
was the Ramen!

Sun shine brightly but the wind blew even stronger!

But it never stops the birds!

Let's see what we fished this time!
Prawns that we used:

The fish we caught: (First day only!)

See how beautiful were their skins!

Fishes we caught on the second day!

Sunset came with a beautiful scenery and it's the time to go back to Seoul!

The snow sent us back to Seoul at night!


tsueyhwa said...

There muz be a lot of fun to fishing in d autumn yea? Did ur face freezing? Haha..

meimeijoyful said...

tsueyhwa, look at the photo album in fb, you'll see my face - white and blank coz of freezing! :O

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