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Monday, July 20, 2009

Raining spell in summer 장마

Not only Korea is having a raining season, but also other countries like England and Malaysia, etc. I like rain but I don't like flood.

What do you see in raining season?

Morning 6am - full of clouds

Afternoon - Han river is all yellowish and the water level is very high. Normally Han river park has been flooded if the rain continues to rain for 1 whole week.

Another spot you can view is the dam. We went to 팔당댐 Paldang dam, a place before Yangsu-ri on the way to Yangpyeong from Seoul. It is a famous spot to view the water. I used my handphone to take the photos so it can't be zoomed close enough to see the strength of the water.

This year rain does not come steadily as last few years, but it came in such a big amount in a few days, that the newspaper reported that this year has as high as 120mm water level. Forecast always says rain will come on the next day, but it does not come on the right time. Seems like the weather is really hard to be expected now. Anyway, bring umbrella with you all the time.

Rain makes all river become yellowish, but it brings water to the streams which hardly have water since winter.


tsueyhwa said...

Yea..it's raining everywhere recently plus strong wind. Some advertisement boards n roofs being blew down n blew away. I used to like hot n sunny day but now i prefer rainning or cloudy days. Becoz d weather tis few year is become worse. Makes me cannot stand for d heat. *_*

meimeijoyful said...

me too... the heat makes me like raining better.

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