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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fishing trip (2)

In March 09, we went to Geoje Island for fishing again. This time pastor brought Joshua fellowship, most guys but with families this time. The kids enjoyed the most, though some of them are too young but they enjoyed the fresh and clean air.
Out of Seoul city and enjoy the sea and rural area view is the best for us, right?

March is still cold in southern part of Seoul, but we still thankful to see flowers everywhere.

We rented a house to stay overnight. It is a nice place as it is not far from the fishing port, and the kids could walk around safely. There is a big tree, doggies, and plants and little bugs.

Kids just like to climb up and down to find new things! They like adventures! Though it was not their first time to be here.

Da-In likes to play with puppy the most, made the doggie quite jealous.

We found this big tree which is already 300 years old at another side of the village. It's Zolkova serrata Makino, found in 1982. The Koreans keep trees very well, they even provide the tree information just next to the tree. Pastor's wife takes it as a chance to be an education to the children about trees.

We also found some wild plants that could be our dinner.

Let's have a look at the local village:

Ok.... Let's see what we fished this time:
First we saw a diver in the middle of the sea - a cleaner! He makes sure the sea is clean! Thanks for his hardwork!

We put our fishing rod down but... this time we got zero!
Anyway, the weather was too cold that we just gave up and let the kids go back to the house, otherwise they would catch a cold! The fathers continued there to fish, but still we could not get anything this time.


tsueyhwa said...

Oh..i can leave comments again..haha..b4 that i think I was not familiar with how does it work :p.. Did u take all d photos by urself? They r very nice!! How do u take d photo wif d special effect of blur background but d object is clear? Wat camera do u use?

meimeijoyful said...

Hi Tsueyhwa,
Yes, I took all the photos!
Though I don't have DSLR camera, I use my digital camera to take all the photos as a remembrance.
There is a function in the camera to do that effect - all digital camera can do that. Just can't focus on too small things.
I use Samsung NV3

tsueyhwa said...

I see.. I m not good in camera..haha..Thx for ur info..

meimeijoyful said...

I was not good in camera before, but after taking lots... like it so much and try to explore - use the limitation to take the unlimited photos, though not as good as the DSLR camera, the greatest moment I want to keep and share is there, then is enough.

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