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Saturday, July 25, 2009

VIPS family restaurant

Last Wednesday my hubby and I visited the VIPS family restaurant because we had the discount coupons. Later this Tuesday we visited again with 2 of our friends also because of the coupons which cost us only about 11,000 won per person, which originally cost us 17,900 won per person.

We had a great meal - as we like to eat salmon, my hubby likes to eat olive, and I like to eat prawns. Also, there are a lot of fresh salad, pizza and others.

Salad bar is their basic meal - buffet style.
They also serve other set meal with steak, pork ribs and spagetti. (Lunch and dinner are in different prices)

We went to Guri branch for the first visit and Konkuk University branch for the second visit. There are little difference, like they serve the oyster (Guri with tomato sauce and KonkuK with steam), KonKuk serves carrot cake.

My first plate (above) and hubby's first (below)

Must try their salmon and prawns!
Do not eat too much rice, but try the rice noodle.

Their deserts are very nice too!

The things you should pay attention to:

the way to make bibimbap and rice noodle - they only write in Korean. Bibimbap is easy to prepare - put the various choices of vegetables on the bar and put the sauce - and then return to your seat and start to mix it - that's easy!
For rice noodle - the same process but just first prepare the noodle - pick one noodle served there (Round shape) and then put in the water 1 time, rinse it and then put in your bowl. Later, put the vegetables in the bowl and then last, put 1-2 spoons of the soup. Don't forget to take yourself a pair of chopsticks.

What I surprised is that they serve the rice: Nasi Goreng - fried rice of Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

I also did not miss the mangoes! Yummy!


Normally I didn't take the bibimbap but this time I wanted to try their taste, and I like it very much. Last time they serve cookie instead of mini bread.

Anyway, their service is very good - 5 stars! They keep taking away the empty / finished plate for you. They also serve water tissue - get it and wash your hands if you eat the prawns!

They keep improving their menus and I think it is very good!

Hope you also can try this family restaurant one day - with coupon! :)


tsueyhwa said...

Wow! All d food looks very delicious!! Made me hungry ody especially d prawns. So fresh n red in colour. Muz b very sweet..yum yum!!

meimeijoyful said...

yaya!!! the prawns are my favourite!!!

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