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Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer - house care

There are some tips I learnt from the past 4 summers I have been in Korea:
  • Food rubbish - Korea has the rubbish system to separate the food, normal and recycle rubbish. The most headache thing in summer is the rubbish settlement, because of the strong smell from the rubbish. Thus, we cannot keep too long for the rubbish, especially the food rubbish. Keep it dry as much as possible so that it will not attract the flies. Tie it properly. If not, the worms will attack the rubbish!
  • Do not throw any food rubbish into the normal rubbish bin because the worms will attack there too!
  • Finish the food (especially pan chan) in the refrigerator asap because it gets rotten very fast.
  • Keep the food and ingredients like sesame seeds, chili powder and etc into the refrigerator because the worms will attack them too.
  • Wet because of high humidity. The wall which turns black is the symptom of your house is humid. Thus, keep the dehumidifier in the wardrobe because the clothes also are affected directly.
  • Ice-cream is sold at 50% at most mart and shops. Thus, take the most opportunity to buy the cheapest ice-cream if you like it. The big marts do not sell cheap but only discount of 20-30%.
  • Clothes washing - try to do it more often because mold (fungi) will be produced. Yet the problem is the clothes are not easy to be dried up. Try to dry it with air-con or under the sun.
  • School holiday! Summer holiday this year will start next week until August. It means that every Korean will try to go out of their house - either inside or outside of Korea - and every tourist places will be crowded, especially the highway. Try to avoid traveling in this period of time, especially to theme park like Everland, Lotte World and etc, because you will only be stuck in the traffic jam and queue.
  • Raining season in July - bring umbrellas. Extremely hot in August - sunblock must.
  • Beach - full of people for sure! Try to visit one in the summer then you can experience the craziness of Koreans in the water.
  • Eat summer fruits like peach and watermelon. They're cheap.

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