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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Private homestay at Geoje Island

거제도 지세포 방파제 is the place where we fished all these times.

The private homestay 민박 is not famous but very comfortable and clean. The owner is very friendly too.

The entrance is beautiful in autumn.

The house is full of climbing leaves and it's cool in autumn with the natural coloring of brown and red. Satellite just tells us that modern is in the life today!

We can visit around the house - backyard with benches and trees and plants! Children enjoy the most!

Early spring special:

Even the owner has dogs that the children can play with. They're tame.

There is a very old and huge tree in this area too!

This area is full of traditional houses, which other Geoje Island pensions and hotels cannot provide with.

The view from the house:

How about inside the house? It has living room, dining room, 2 toilets and 3 bedrooms. Furniture are fully prepared, includes sufficient blankets and sleeping mats.

Kitchen also is fully prepared with cooking utensils, refrigerators and also outside has the bbq stuff too!

Thus, you can consider private homestay if you want to experience the local lifestyle!


tsueyhwa said...

Very good place to experience d local life style. D tree is beautiful eventhough all d leaves r fallen. Seems like the life there is peaceful n calm..i think ppl there oso full of 'ren qing wei'..

meimeijoyful said...

Ya, peaceful and calm.
'ren qing wei' - I can say though the ajummas look so rude sometimes but they're so helpful and kind.

Sheridene said...

How much was it per night for homestay?

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