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Saturday, July 4, 2009


How about go camping in this summer?

Our church had a camping at GwangwanDo 강원도 영월군 남면 북쌍3리 문개실 Gangwando on 13th June, just a week before my final exam.

We had to set up our own tent that it was very hot in the day time, while so cold at night and dawn. We prepared our own food freely and we could catch the melanian snail 다슬기 in the river.

The river is very clean and clear. The kids especially enjoyed the time most - wet and dry a few times! Don't worry about the wet clothes as they all will be dried up in a short time.

Don't forget the most excited things for the kids - sand!

Or may be you can find some wild fruits like us!

Some of us reached the camping area 1 night before, on Friday and slept for a night. The photos taken by Kim included the dawn special shots at the camping area.

We will have camping again next week! Yahoo!

Full photo album can be seen here


tsueyhwa said...

Wow, camping...I never experienced it. Must have lots of fun..

meimeijoyful said...

ya... it's not easy to do camping in M'sia or Brunei. Coz security problem?

tsueyhwa said...

yea, i think so...who knows wat will happen? Plus there r not much good places n good facilities provided..

meimeijoyful said...

at least here has mobile toilet.

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