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Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome to Sea Animal World

Grand Children Park renovated often for all its facilities every year. This year April they started a whole new world of sea animals that the children can have a closer look and just a mirror away from the swimming animals.

They even made the polar bear statues that the kids can take photos with.

How about with a igloo man?

Grand Children Park always full of kids.

Scouts group in May:

Da-Hye was excited with the widened area of the sea animal world

The weather is getting so hot these days! The Grand Children Park also has the new renovation for the new shops everywhere - even with BBQ Chicken shop, Family Mart, Coffee shop etc. Grab any drinks you like and enjoy them just like them!

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tsueyhwa said...

Such a good place for family!!

meimeijoyful said...

ya!!! Hope KK can have this type of aquarium too!
How's the 1 Borneo one?

tsueyhwa said...

Huh? 1 Borneo got aquarium? Oh no,i dun even know tat..The last time i went there was Feb tis yr.

meimeijoyful said...

I was there in Dec/Jan, I heard that they will open one.

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