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Saturday, July 4, 2009

F-5 Permanent Resident Visa

For a foreigner in Korea, we have a lot of inconveniences in different areas like Korean websites registration, credit card/bank applications, point cards application and rewards, and so on, even handphones!

But one thing I'm sure the most difficult one is with the immigration department! I have been staying here for 4 years and every time I go back to my country, Malaysia and return back to Korea again, I have to pay the stamp fees, and renew the Alien ID every 2 years.

The law has been changed and for foreigners' wives, we have a better option to obtain a permanent resident (PR) visa! Thus, I got my F-5 Permanent Resident Visa! I hope you or your friends also can get it too!

Korean's foreign spouse who has resided in Korea over 2 years with Residency(F-2-1) status is eligible, on the condition that one of the followings is satisfied :

  • The person who has been married to and lived with a Korean spouse
  • The person whose Korean spouse died or was acknowledged to disappear by courts
  • The person, being under divorce or separation, who is able to prove that the blame of the disruption lies with a Korean spouse
  • Even if the marriage no longer continues, the person who rear child(ren) under 18, the offspring of the marriage

Documents required are as follows (except when additional documents required by immigration officials)

Universally required,

  • Application(uniform form), Passport and alien registration card,
  • Copies of spouse's family registration(indicating the fact of marriage) and resident registration, fee ₩50,000
  • Documents proving financial ability(Select one among following documents indicating financial ability equivalent to ₩30 million)
  • Certificate of bank account under the name of applicant or applicant's family members
  • Copy of real estate registration
  • Copy of house lease contract
  • Certificate of employment of applicant or applicant's spouse

Required on a case by case basis

  • In case of missing : Verdict of disappearance issued by court
  • In case of divorce or separation due to Korean side's fault: Official documents upholding foreign spouse's argument
  • In case of rearing child under 17 who was born during their marriage: Family registration of the child, resident registration, court's decision(divorce report and confirmation), and confirmation letter written by a relative of Korean spouse or a head of village( tong jang or ban jang )

Calculation of domestic residence
In principle, if you leave Korea before your sojourn period has expired, the sojourn period ends and calculation of period begins all over again upon re-entry. However, if you return to Korea with a re-entry permit ( issued for trip overseas shorter than 3 month) and are recognized to have continuity in residency, the periods you have lived in Korea before and after departure will be summed up together.

Those not qualified are as belows :

  • Those who violated Korean immigration law in the latest past of 3 years.However, those who already paid fine causing from breach of duty of reports or article 79 of immigration law can apply
  • Those sentenced confinement or more severe punishment

Privileges for permanent resident

  • Exempt from duty of extension of sojourn period - No need to visit immigration office for extension of stay
  • Applicants who wishes to go abroad for shorter than 1 year, re-entry permit is not needed. However, when applicants wishes to go abroad for more than 1 years, re-entry permit is required
  • Free economic activities are allowed○ Immune from compulsory deportation except the following cases:
  • - Committing treason stipulated in chapter 2 of Criminal act
  • - Being sentenced imprisonment or confinement more than 5 years
  • - Organizing, instigating, or helping illegal immigration or emigration en masse
  • In the case of 3 years' passing since obtaining permanent residency, applicants have the right to vote in local elections. Hence, applicants mayelect city mayor, province governor, local assembly man. The first-ever exercise of voting by such foreigners was realized on May 31. 2006.

Refer to the website: http://immigration.go.kr/ or http://seoul.immigration.go.kr/

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