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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Way to congratulate 축결혼

Do you see this before in the weddings of Korea?
This is one way of Koreans to congratulate the newly wed couple - by sending the flowers.
Flowers are colorful, display is high in setting, and it really gives the impression of "big" gift to the couple and family.

It is a surprise for me because it appears only with chrysamthemum flowers (the same seting) in funeral, Koreans too.

Anyway, it is not a cheap gift. From what I searched online, it costs more than 100,000won. Thus, they are mostly are from company or family.


tsueyhwa said...

Ohh..they dun mind to use d same flower type in wedding n funeral? Interesting!! Tis cannot b happen for chinese ppl.

meimeijoyful said...

different flowers... but setting is same.

tsueyhwa said...

i see i see...haha :p

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