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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Swimming lesson

I joined swimming lesson since April this year. For the past 3 years I was here, I didn't dare to join any lesson as I could not understand Korean well. But this year I want to give it a try to challenge myself - to overcome the water-phobia.

My hubby found the sports complex which is nearest to our house, Namyangju area. At first we wanted to join in March but it was full. We finally made it in April.

Let's me share about the application to the local sports complex:

For Namyangju sports complex 남양주체육문화센터,
  • Foreigner with alien ID can only register on-desk, but not online
  • Online registration is normally in the middle of the month (for existing member) and then left spaces for new members in the following week
  • always check online for the registration date
  • they will always send sms for reminder
  • Ladies have 10% discount
  • The swimming lessons are from Monday to Saturday (Mon, Wed, Fri & Tues, Thurs, Sat) at different time. Price is about 42,000 won for 3 times per week and etc. Check the website for details.
  • Free time swimming:
  • 08:00-08:50,
  • 12:00-12:50 or 13:50
  • 18:00-18:50
  • (July and Aug only) 21:00-22:00
  • Adult: 3,000 won, teenagers: 2,500 won and children 2,000 won
  • Saturday, Sunday & public holiday (30% more): 3,900 won (A), 3,200 won(T) and 2, 600 won(C).
  • call: 031-560-1092/3

Shuttle Bus: x:20 from sports complex, x:40 from DoNong station... for every hour

There are not only swimming lessons but also other sports activities like tennis, health club, yoga, belly, aerobic.

The swimming pools here are bigger than Seoul's one - big pool (6 lanes) and small pool (3 lanes). We learn freestyle, back stroke and butterfly stroke at the small pool. Then you can move to the next stage when you're familiar with the 3 styles.

I also have the chance to join another swimming lesson in Seoul, Seoul women resources development center 서울여성능력개발원.

It is just next to the KonKuk Uni Station (line 2/7). Due to summer vacation, I join the morning class 9am-10am. The price is 50,000 won for Mon, Wed, Fri lesson, but I also can go for free swimming on Tues, Thurs, Sat at 8am. Thus, it is cheaper. But the swimming pool and the shower room is much more smaller than Namyangju one.

Benefits: only girls in this place, and only members can swim here.

It is also easier to register here, only accept online registration - foreigners are possible if you have your alien ID.

This place has also a lot of other courses for women to equip themselves for working, provided you can speak Korean fluently and understand well.

ok.... I'm not sure what the rules in other countries' swimming pool, but in Korea:

  • bring your own swimming suit, swimming cap and spectacles for the lesson
  • bring your own shower kits
  • get the key from the information desk
  • take off your shoes (put in the box if provided - with the provided number)
  • enter the changing room and take off all your clothes (put in the locker with the number of your key)
  • tie the key in your hand / foot.
  • get into the shower room with all your shower kits and swimming things
  • take shower
  • wear the swimming suit and cap
  • get into the swimming pool
  • do warming up together with the instructor before lesson starts
  • After lesson, take shower and you can have your swimming suit dried up with the dryer.
  • Bring your own tower and hang it in a place out of water (or in a waterproof bag)
  • Hairdryer is free to use
  • Bring your own face toner and cream, etc
  • Go out with your key, sure and take back your member ID if not electronic type.

So, do not take shower at home, and do not wear swimming suit at home.

Bring your member card all the time.

Sauna and big bath tub are free to use.

You can enter the shower room 30 minutes before your time, e.g. I have 9am lesson, I can be there at 8.30am. Since the class before ends at 8.50am, I must keep away from crashing the shower time with them and reach earlier. Or else, there will be no room to take shower and get into the swimming pool on time.

Keep the swimming kits in the shower room with a bag you can identify easily. Anyway, it's safe unless you and others have the same bag.

Anyway, I enjoy the swimming class here. I meet a lot of new friends and most of them are very friendly. You will surprised to see that ajummas are the majority - they are really eager to learn! They are my model actually.

Share with me about your swimming lesson at Korea or your country too!


tsueyhwa said...

So many rules to follow huh? Who cares in Malaysia. Some of them even dun wear a proper swim suits but only t-shirt n short pant n straight away jump into d pool...gosh!

meimeijoyful said...

swimmers here are restricted but I think it is so clean and safe to swim here.

Lavi said...

Hey..i am really keen to check the swimming pool near konkuk university..can u pls provide the name/address/phone num..i tried the link :seoul womens resources.." but its all in korean.
pls mail me at pallavi.prasade@gmail.com

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