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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Travel in Geoje Island - Oedo-Botania

Since we had some time before return back to Seoul, we went to a tour at Geoje Island, by 유람선 excursion ship to Oedo-Botania 외도.

We saw the brochure in the homestay house and it had discount coupon. Thus, from the pricelist you see in the picture below, it costs actually 8,000 won for the Oedo Botania entrance fee only. But you have to take the boat - thus it costs 6,000 won more, but course 2 which includes tour around the 해금강 Haegemgang (cultural assets).

Since it only costs 2,000 won more, I suggest go for the course 2, with another 30 minutes more.

We also met 2 foreigners who travelled from Busan to Geoje Island.

About the transportation from either Seoul or Busan, please refer to this site: Geoje City.
Geoje Island is the second largest island in Korea. On the east, it is 9km from Gadeokdo (island) ini Busan and on the west, Geoje Grand Bridge connects it with Tongyeong.
Haegeumgang consists of 2 islands belonged to Hallyeo National Marine park. It is called Galdo because its shape resembles arrowroots. It is 116km high above sea level and about 0.1 km square wide.

The best scenic beauties include Sipjadonggul (cross shaped cave), which reveals itself during the low tide, Sajabawi (lion shaped rock), and Ilwonbong for its fantastic sceneries of sunrise and moonrise.

Anyway, after taking all the photos, I still do not know how to recognize which cave is which cave, they're all amazing!

This is the boat we took to go to Oedo. There were crowded with people, even we had to queue up to enter the boat.
The boat has 2 levels, lower and upper. The windows must be closed as the water will flow in when traveling. We don't like the boat when it travels - TV was on with loud Korean dancing music!!! We already felt dizzy with sea sick (slightly) and with the disturbing music, I'm almost died. The only choice was to hidd in the middle block.

When we traveled to Oedo, the scenery was nice because the boat slowly sailed to show us the caves of Haegeumgang. But the trip return back to Geoje Island, it was terrible. We went out the dock for a while but the wind was too strong and we had to get in the boat for the last 10-15 minutes.

Don't forget to take a photo with you when it sails away from Haegeumgang. I forgot to take one for myself but only took for my friend one! :(
Disturbing ajussi who was drunk almost made trouble in the boat too.

When you arrive the island, remember to listen to their announcement and remember which boat you took. You have to take the same boat back to Geoje Island. It is exactly 2 hour 30 minutes later you have to get abroad again.
Located at San 109 Wahyeon-ri, Ilun-myeon, Geoje, this island is covered by a camellia forest with the area of 12,000m2. The island is home to more than 3,000 plant species including many subtropical plants, such as cactus, palm tree, gazania, sunshine, eucalyptus, bottlebrush bush, New Zealand flax, and agave. It is so beautiful that it is called a paradise in Korea. The coastline is 2.3km. The island has an observation deck, a sculpture park, an outdoor stage, and other facilities for relaxation. The dinosaur cave, dinosaur rock, and dinosaur footprints in the island are designated as cultural assets by Gyeongsangnam-do.

The main view of Oedo-Botania:

If there are too many people taking photos, just go up and you can catch from another viewpoint like below:

When I arrived the island, I was quite dizzy thus I didn't take any photos about the entrance. Just show your ticket at the entrance and you can enter.
After that, you will first see this unique trees (just like you're entering a fantasy world) and don't forget to take photos here!
Toilet is just around too, better to visit it before walking around the botanical garden which it will take 50 minutes at least.
The Panaroma Place:
Fountain of farewell:
Must take photos here: flower garden!
I like all these amazing greenish and unique-shaped trees.

Don't forget to snap photos at the Venus Garden.
Don't forget to look around, especially the sea view is extraordinary wonderful!
The history of this island - get to know this guy, Mr Lee. He was the one who started this garden and later reformed to become a visitor place.

Dreaming Heights - a church is here too.
The last part of the route - a Greece style staircase. Don't forget to take this photo although you may be exhausted after walking for 2 hours more! Save the camera battery for this shot too! I almost ran out of battery when I reached here, luckily still managed to take the most satisfied shot!

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