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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Coffee museum

Do you like coffee?

If yes, do you know about the history of coffee? Do you know how to make a coffee instead of going to coffee shop? Do you know which country exports coffee?
If no, don't you interest with the drink that makes the whole world addicted to it?

Go to the coffee museum!

In Geonggi-Do, 경기도 남양주시 조안면 삼봉리 272-6 there is a coffee museum and restaurant with excellent view of nature - Waltz & Dr Mahn Coffee 왈츠와 닥터만 커피.

Tel: 031-576-0020

Entrance fee:
5,000 won (adult)
3,000 won (children)
4,000 won (group, >15)
with a cup of free coffee and making experience, which you can choose Ethiopian or other country coffee.

Open 10:30am - 6pm (last entrance at 5pm) at the hour and every 30-min past the hour. Museum will be closed on Mondays.
Restaurant 10:30am - 12am

Exhibition hall with sections of

  • Coffee history
  • Coffee, from Seed to Cup
  • Coffee culture & collection
  • Media Room
  • Green House cultivation

Free take photos w/out flash

How to get there?

  • Take subway to UnGilSan station 운길산역 (중앙선) Exit 2, walk out until the traffic light, take the village bus (Yangsuri 양수리→ Baekwori 백월리 direction 방향) then stop at 영화촬영소 Movie studio station. You will see the red building.
  • Take bus: From Ganbyeon station, Seoul bus no. 2000-1 or from CheongYangNi station bus no. 167 stop before the last stop at Yangsuri (just the junction turn into the bridge of Yangsuri) 진중삼거리. Change to village bus and stop at 영화촬영소 Movie studio station. You will see the red building.
  • Drive - follow the map below.

Let's walk around the museum with me:
First impression: red car with red building - buy the ticket here!

Open the door then go upstairs slowly. You will see this view when you walk down again. Lots of photos were hung on the wall.

Enter and you will approach the information counter. Get the mp3 player which will guide you to the exhibition hall, explain the things being displayed.

Exhibition Hall 1

You will see the history of coffee at a glance as well as coffee-related items from different times of history. You will also be able to learn the perfect combination of what is needed to produce a great coffee.

Exhibition Hall 2

You will see what and how your coffee takes to taste like at last. You will be able to see the whole process of brining coffee to your table - from seeding to brewing including buying and importing coffee beans.

Exhibition Hall 3 - You will see an extensive collection of coffee-related historical items from all over the world. You will also meet some of the renowned coffee heroes that brought coffee into the realm of artistic world.

Media room (with antique coffee cups)

You will be able to watch some video clips (Korean) on coffee and have a chance to see books on coffee and coffee cups from all around the world. There also has a resting area where you will also taste-out your own coffee.

For your information, Coffee was originated from here: Ethiopia

Green House - The first green house ever in Korea for growing coffee. You will be able to observe the vivid process of growing coffee beans on coffee trees.

Green House cultivation and coffee bean explanation was made by this kind guide.

Make your own coffee!

Our Ethiopian coffee. Taste and smell so good!

Coffee bean fruit

Coffee beans! (You may touch them)

Different packages of the coffee sold in different countries

Coffee bar

These are for sales

Restaurant just beside the museum, but we are not afford to pay a visit there.

But the garden view is very nice. I think the view now - summer - will be even better.

Don't you also want to visit here after see all these photos?

Tour information: This museum's priority is for you to experience and learn about 'coffee' so, please be guided by our docents. If you wish to visit as a group, your reservation will make your visit far more enjoyable.

If your Korean language is good, if you live at Namyangju-Si, you are welcomed to join a free coffee introduction lecture at this museum in this summer. Visit the homepage for more info!


tsueyhwa said...

Can i hav a cup of coffee ,pls?

meimeijoyful said...

come come, come here and visit us! I'll bring you to have a cup of good coffee

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