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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Friendly Koreans

I love how they treat the needy persons:

- Elevators for handicapped person on subway - either at staircases (moving plate) or lifts (though sometimes it is far away).

- sound system for the blind at predestrian crossing.

- public toilet has a room especially for old and handicapped people, and a room for mum and sometimes room only for kids.

- Both subway and buses provide seats for old and handicapped people too, also applicable to pregnant women. (Yellow seats in bus)

- holders with code for the blind

Map also designed for the blind. (Normally in lifts only)

Books for the blind too.

- Road especially design for wheelchair movement, for needy persons like baby carriage/buggy, old people and handicapped people too.

It is hard to find in two-third world countries. I think it is a good practise we should follow.


tsueyhwa said...

This is very good for handicapped ppl. They won't feel like doesn't like to go out.

meimeijoyful said...

ya, they are encouraged to go into the society.

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