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Monday, July 13, 2009

Food at camping

I just so grateful to experience camping with my Korean church family. The most surprised thing was that Koreans really eat well and eat a lot!

First, rice is a must!
Second, kim chi too!
Third, meat!
Forth, water.

I thought the easiest food to prepare is instant noodle and bbq food. Yet, after the 2 trips, I only realized that all food is possible to make!

As the photo above shown, mini gas stove and gas are the main tools. The mini gas stove comes with the wind blocker too.

Fried pan too. Or a camp stove (Kocher코펠)

Another 2 types of gas stoves are as above. The black one is easier get in marts here.

Bring the fried pans which is suitable for the food you prepared. Besides, bring the pots and water pots to boil water too.

Ice box is important in camping trips. This is normal size to put kimchi and chili sauce something like that.

Also the vegetables must be perpared with the meat! Korean always eat meat with vegetables and 쌈장 Ssam-jang (sweet sauce).

Do not forget about the side dishes (pan-can). Some can be kept in the ice box at least for 1 night.

In camp, every family prepares their own food. The most popular food is 삼겹살 boned rib. Prepare with onion ring and garlic. Also, the meat prepared like the 2 photos the most above - spicy pork, bulgogi, galbi and sausages as below.

Besides, they never miss out 된장찌개 bean paste pot stew and 김치찌게 kim chi pot stew! How they can do it? They prepare the ingredients before hand and put in zip bag.

Fruits also were being prepared, such as watermelon, peaches (천도복숭아, 자두, 복숭아) and etc.

In conclusion, Korean food is really yummy and easy to make eveywhere you want! Even at camping!


tsueyhwa said...

Wow, in Korea, mini gas stove even comes with wind blocker ar..so sweet!! They hav to do a lot of preparation b4 goin to camping huh..but everything is worth!!! D food looks very delicious!! yum yum!!

meimeijoyful said...

yaya!!! the seller is really consumer-friendly!
ya... worthy makes the trip enjoyable!

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