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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Geoje Island (town)

Since we caught nothing this time, pastor decided to bring us to the town area and have raw fish as our dinner! Fresh and delicious!!!

I caught this view from a resting place - the bridge getting into Geoje Island is so important that bring conveniences to the people of the island.

Sunset at the town area!

Stalls selling dried filefish and squid. I wanted to buy them after dinner but they closed up already. Thus, I think they only sell on day time.

Entering the market, then you can see a lot of fish vendors selling the big fish!!! Some of them just have the restaurant. We chose one fish vendor and straightaway ate raw fish at their restaurant.

These are the chili sauces and vegetables and garlic when you have raw fish at Korea! Try once, it's really delicious! Especially at this seaside area! It's worthy to try it!


tsueyhwa said...

I saw this kind of market in d travel program. Korean market is so lively n all d food they sell look very delicious!!

meimeijoyful said...

ah! I should take more photos of the market and show you!
I like the market here! Cheap and fresh!

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