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Monday, July 6, 2009

Fishing trip (1)

How about a fishing trip in Korea?

We went to Geoje Island to fish for a few times since last year, from winter until summer. Different trips have different views and experiences. All were so exciting!

Let's me share with you for the latest trip until the first one.

We went to Geoje Island on 23th June (Tuesday). It took us 5 hours to go there!
(In my hometown, we just take 10 minutes ride then can reach the beach, but not in Korea)

We went to eat lunch - melanian snail at a famous restaurant - so delicious! And then we prepared to fish. Since the weather was still so hot in the afternoon 3pm, we decided to visit Geoje Shipbuilding Theme Park next to the fishing port. Free entrance and it is a good shade from the burning sun!

Just near to the parking area, we saw these boats and yachts around.

On the way to the theme park, this little cute girl caught my notice. Do you what made her want to be there?

Yes, these little red fishes.

Let's enter the exhibition hall! It's hot!

The main hall

The decoration is so creative!

Lots of ship displayed here (ok... miniature one)

We also got the chance to play 4D simulator ride without charge! It's exciting with the 3D spectacles, without staircases around us in riding, with water and air, with moving chairs. The story board is very nice!


Should go back to the sea to do fishing!

The sunlight was still strong and we almost burnt at 5.30pm.

How beautiful is the sea!

The water is very clear too!

Our fishing rods - gears to catch fish is a very important reason to catch fish successfully.

After waiting for a long time, our pastor finally caught a big fish which surprised us the most! All these times we came here for fishing, this was the first time we got such a big fish!

The fish is so fresh that we ate it raw and it was so so delicious!!!
We also caught another 2 fishes that we fried it - so so fresh and delicious! Now I only realize that why fish must eat when it is fresh. The taste is so much different with the frozen fish!

Let's view some of the sunset there! Amazing beautiful views! Beautiful creation of God!

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tsueyhwa said...

Good day, good view, good activity!!!

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