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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Summer food must take - Ginseng Chicken

Summer is hot in Korea.

Traditionally, Ginseng Chicken 삼계탕 is the best food must take to strengthen our body.
In another words, it is a chicken soup with the ingredients of rice and ginseng inside the chicken, with garlic and jujube. A young chicken is cleaned out then stuffed with various ingredients before being boiled to draw out a delicious broth. The onion spring is last spread on the soup before serving.

The panchan - side dishes are well served with radish kimchi and garlic stick. Normally it will also be served with a ginseng wine - bitter but very good for our body.

How to eat?
A small bowl will be served instead of the main hot pot. Break the chicken and put the amount you want to eat on the bowl. Eat when it is hot.
Put the amount of salt and pepper you like to your soup.

How to order?
The restaurant normally serves with 2 kinds: 1 whole chicken or 1/2 chicken.
Two types of cooking styles: normal 삼계탕 and Han-medicine 한방 삼계탕 (Han-Bang SamGyeTang).
You may also want to try the black chicken one.
One more! Ginseng porridge!

Price range:
8000 - 15000 won for 1 whole chicken (depend on area), sometimes they need more than 2 people intake
Half chicken may cost 5000 won in the summer.

You may cook it at home too. Just buy a young chicken and a package of the ginseng chicken ingredients which normally sold at the mart near to the chicken.

Differences from:
백숙 (boiled in plain water) and 닭도리탕 (Braised Chicken)
Cooking style is different.


tsueyhwa said...

I like Korean food..but u know la, there is limited choice in Korean restaurant in KK..somemore not cheap leh..wld like to try more if got chance..

meimeijoyful said...

ya... limited and pricy.
can make your own too.
there is a good site to learn to cook, I must make it to the links there.

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