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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Calling Malaysians at Korea!

If you're a Malaysian,

If you're staying in Korea now,

If you have a naver account,

Join us - the other Malaysians here!

Then you will not be alone here in Korea! There are a lot of good ajummas here! They're kind and cook well. We also have some gatherings sometimes to speak in our own language like Malay, Chinese, even dialects!

Let's see what we just had free in Malaysia Embassy recently! So delicious-lar! (If you know lar, you're a Malaysian indeed)


tsueyhwa said...

Looks like not bad..make me hungry ody..

meimeijoyful said...

really? I'll post up the photos in fb today!

tsueyhwa said...

hi mei mei,
I know there is a program called 'chit chat of beautiful ladies' in KBS World. Y dun u represent Malaysia to join d program? To share our country culture n experience to them. And oso tis d fastest way to improve Korean..hehe..

meimeijoyful said...

oh dear tsueyhwa, you know - beautiful ladies!!! I'm not one, and also got married already.

tsueyhwa said...

Well well well mei mei, beautiful doesn't mean only d outlook but oso from d heart. Some ladies from d prog r oso married n their hubbies r koreans too. Go! Go! Go! Mei mei!

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