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Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer ABC

My model... :)
Korea also has its own cold ice drink - we called it ABC in Malaysia - 팥빙수 (Pat-bing-su). Normally it is sold at bakery like 파리바게뜨 and 쭈레쥬르. Price range is from 3,500 won to 7,500 won or higher.

It is ice actually, after blended. It is normally mixed with fruits and ice-cream, inside with Ddok (mini rice cakes) or jelly and red bean. Or only Red beans with jellies.
It is the fastest to get cool in the hot afternoon.

This one (above) we had at a bakery named Aroo Bakery. This ABC is very delicious but quite expensive - 7,500 won. It is quite a big size compared to other shops. Yet the taste is bravo!!! 5 stars!

This one (above) is from LotteRia at Jamsil. It doesn't look good in apple! It is not fresh apples and strawberries too! It doesn't taste good of their ice too! It cost us 4,500 won for the fruit ABC. I would say it only worth 1 star.

The taste of ABC in Malaysia and Korea are different. We have cendol and coconut juice in Malaysia that makes it smells even better. Anyway, you must try this summer patbingsu at Korea.

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